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E[acute accent]--Supports promotion planning at the Brand, Category or Account levels
eDeals helps Safeway automate and streamline the promotion process and lower the processing cost.
The best practice for promotion now incorporates the lessons of the Internet, and the successful innovations pioneered by Yahoo(TM), eBay(TM), and AOL(TM) as well as the guerrilla and street marketing techniques of The Blair Witch Project(TM) and Warner Music(TM).
Promotions Highlight New SSL VPN Appliance and Industry-leading Remote Support and Web Conferencing Solutions
Having redesigned our trade funds program, we needed to implement a flexible tool that allowed us to plan and optimize promotions, execute payments and predict and measure our effectiveness over time," explained Paul Williams, Campbell's director of Information Technology.
Vision Chain's capabilities integrate seamlessly with the Demantra Spectrum Suite(TM), enabling manufacturers to proactively respond to the volatility of demand that results from trade promotion and merchandising activities.
SCA Promotions is the largest provider of prize coverage for promotions, contests and games.
Demantra's sales-marketing planning and TPM solutions provide precise volume forecasting, analytics and optimization capabilities that enable companies to consistently plan, predict and profit from their trade promotion spend.
For a fixed fee, SCA will customize a promotion to fit any budget and then pay in case of a winner.
Our department Promotion and Tenure Committee consists of only three voting members.
Cartwright has been nominated for promotion to the grade of major general.
However, research has traditionally been given the greatest weight or influence in the tenure and promotion process followed closely (or not so closely, depending on the institution) by teaching (Cuban, 2000).
Tumor promotion is a stepwise process: It occurs with comparatively low frequency, requires the chronic action of tumor promoters, and does not necessarily involve genotoxic damage.
Parks has illegally ordered boards of inquiry for officers after they have been declared eligible for promotion, in some cases scuttling their chances to move up in the ranks.
Health promotion is defined as "activities directed toward increasing the level of well-being and actualizing the health potential of individuals, families, communities, and societies" (Pender, 1987, p.
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