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Synonyms for promoter

Synonyms for promoter

someone who is an active supporter and advocate

a sponsor who books and stages public entertainments

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Shaw also noted that De La Hoya twice left his longtime promoter, Bob Arum, as well as television mogul Jerry Perenchio, who briefly promoted De La Hoya during his first separation from Arum.
In addition," Fleetwood adds, "direct application of our LCO Promoter Technology provides our customers an average Return Of Investment (ROI) of nearly 8:1.
The [gamma]-crystallin promoter coupled to a RedFP (red fluorescent protein) plasmid was a gift from L.
A test for MGMT genes silenced by a methylated promoter could identify people at high risk of cancer but who show no obvious signs during colonoscopies.
Methods: The isolated salamander green rod/blue cone promoter was used to replace the CMV promoter in a green fluorescent protein (GFP) reporter plasmid, pEGFPN1(-)SGR/ BCprom.
Under the case law, a factor to determine whether a taxpayer reasonably relied on tax advice is whether the adviser was financially independent from the promoter.
The DNA promoter sequence from the human epidermal type 1 transglutaminase (TGase I) gene can be employed for gene expression, gene therapy, DNA vaccines and in vitro skin-sensitivity testing.
Treasury's administrative initiatives would simplify and broaden the rules governing taxpayer disclosure and promoter registration and list-keeping.
Holding club owners and promoters of raves criminally liable for what some people may do at these events is no different from arresting the stadium owners and promoters of a Rolling Stones concert or a rap show because some concert goers maybe smoking or selling marijuana," says Graham Boyd, director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Drug Policy Litigation Project.
The promoter will enter into an agreement with another person, often called an intermediary or facilitator.
What used to require a network of professional promoters and brokers, banks of telephones, and months to accomplish can now be done in minutes by a single person using the Internet and a home computer," says Richard H.
The continued use of avilamycin as a growth promoter is likely to diminish the effectiveness of evernimicin if Ziracine or any member of the class is used for human therapy.
Transactions structured to produce federal tax benefits that are an important part of the transaction's intended results and that the promoter reasonably expects to be presented to more than one potential participant.
Their worry is that if the promoters were allowed to increase their strength it would greatly increase too the chances of owners' and trainers' representatives being outvoted on any issue by sheer weight of promoter numbers.