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Synonyms for promoter

Synonyms for promoter

someone who is an active supporter and advocate

a sponsor who books and stages public entertainments

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These social addicts, who typically stay glued to the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter on a daily basis, exhibit similar behaviors but there are still key differences and steps to transforming "sharers" into real brand promoters.
Under new rules introduced by the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke, high risk promoters must now publicise the fact that they are being monitored by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), so that potential customers are aware of the risks of using them.
For example, in Hexaware Technologies, the promoter stake rose from 28 per cent in March 2013 to 64 per cent in March 2014, a change of 128 per cent.
But experts say that while promoter holding is an important parameter, it should not be the main reason for buying a stock.
The bank said, 'While the Late Ashok Kapur, was indeed a co-promoter with established bonafide, basis the deliberation and expert advice, it is abundantly clear that financial family successors do not automatically become part of the promoter Group given the regulatory criteria for bank promoters'.
Macedonia has 30 economic promoters in 37 countries.
com in the United States to give event promoters, venues, and festival organizers all the tools they need to manage, promote, and sell event tickets, just like the big event promoters do, except without the high service and convenience fees that are passed onto ticket patrons.
Police officials cited disorder around Club Voodoo as another example of problems surrounding promoter events.
If the promoter wants to have third-party investors invest in at the time of incorporation, he/she must designate a special bank account in Japan ("Betsudan Ryokin") to which the subscription proceeds will be paid.
Promoters for polyesters include cobalt octoate, cobalt naphthenate, and other cobalt compounds.
About 18 of us, mostly black gay men but also some women, marched in circles in front of the building for about three hours, during which time we answered neighbors' questions and did HIV prevention and education," says Osubu, who initially sent a letter to the party's promoter urging him to change the no-condom policy.
For example, De La Hoya was informed Tuesday via telephone that Gary Shaw, Wright's now-former promoter, had been quoted in a New Jersey newspaper as being perturbed about certain elements of the scenario.
This year we introduced LCO Promoter Technology in the pea/lentil and alfalfa markets.