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Mr Kimunya said during his tenure at Finance ministry he had a directive issued against the use of the promissory notes because the contracts were being investigated by the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC).
The promissory note must bear the date, the exact amount of the payment and when the borrower is required to make payments to the lender.
The promissory note is an important instrument in order to reduce Porsches' interest expenses.
Investors can subscribe to the promissory notes by 31 December at any of Bankinter's branches.
4 November 2011 - Spanish lender Bankinter (MCE:BKT) will offer 12-month promissory notes in an aggregate amount of EUR7bn (USD9.
With the recent decline in the value of real estate and marketable securities and the decline in the AFR, what should a client do when the unpaid principal amount of the promissory note exceeds the current value of the limited partnership interest that was sold, or if the current AFR is less than the stated interest rate on the note?
The issue of a promissory note by the importer or the acceptance of a Bill of exchange by the exporter are means of accomplishing personal guarantee.
In support of its conclusion, it pointed to the following: (1) the existence of a promissory note calling for fixed annual payments; (2) the debt was secured by the taxpayer's real property and a mortgage was recorded in the local county recorder's office; and (3) Amoco routinely enforced the collection of promissory notes in the event retailers defaulted.
check] Electronic award letters with links to sign promissory notes, complete entrance interviews, and so on, via the web.
It held that it was apparent that after Baum-Nebraska sold its assets to Baum-Delaware, the former's sole purpose was to collect the promissory note payments.
When the first installment of payment was due, Nieginski refused to pay and commenced a lawsuit to set aside the promissory note on the grounds that Shpak, his wife and the attorney for the corporation committed fraud and duress against Nieginski and that further, there was a lack of consideration for the note.
The promissory note evidenced a loan from LDN Stuyvie Partnership to fund the company's acquisitions of ClickTracks Analytics and Hot Banana Software in August 2006.
The promissory note should be signed with the precedence of the party to which the promissory is provided.
As consideration for providing the Loan, in connection with each purchase of a promissory note by the lender under the Loan, the lender will receive, subject to regulatory approval, common shares of Miraculins equal in value to 10% of the principal amount of the promissory note based on the closing price of Miraculins common shares on the trading day before the purchase of the promissory note.
The promissory note issues help the banks raise funds away from high-rate deposits, for which they are required to funnel extra money to the state deposit guarantee fund.