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a person who makes a promise


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1981) ("The traditional goal of the law of contract remedies has not been compulsion of the promisor to perform his promise but compensation of the promisee for the loss resulting from breach.
36) Because the promisor may have occasion to gain more through breach than the promisee will lose, the theory of efficient breach holds that the best outcome is for the promisor to breach the contract.
Indeed, where a promisor, with full knowledge of all the material circumstances, agrees to accept a lesser sum in payment of a debt, which in turn represents at least a substantial part of the sum originally owing, the promise should be binding unless the promisee has engaged in economic duress or has otherwise misrepresented his true financial position.
been made, the promisor is bound, and when neither believes that a
This is true even with regard to a person whom the promisor pledges to help but is not the one to whom the promise is made.
261) Because the promisee is typically in the best position to know its own risks, moreover, this rule is more efficient than one that would burden the promisor with investigating the cost of breach to each potential counterparty.
The first was loss constituted by the amount by which the promisee is worse off because the promisor did not perform the contract .
The dual performance hypothesis, by contrast, holds that the typical promisor makes a promise in the alternative: to deliver goods or services in return for a price or to make a monetary transfer to the promisee in place of delivery.
8] The meaning of the "prevention principle" was succinctly stated by Jackson J (as he then was) in Multiplex v Honeywell [2007] BLR 195; namely "the essence of the prevention principle is that the promisee cannot insist upon the performance of an obligation which he has prevented the promisor from performing -"
On the other hand, wacd is binding only on the promisor which is commonly on the customers.
Los continuos avances en la investigacion y en la adopcion de las tecnologias reproductivas ofrecen un futuro promisor como tecnicas de control reproductivo en los animales domesticos, al permitir la obtencion y multiplicacion de los individuos geneticamente superiores, para la produccion de alimentos de calidad para el consumo humano.
promisee, or even to the promisor, whether a donative promise that
The revocation will lawfully operate in the case of the donation promise (Article 1022 Civil Code), if prior to its execution appears one of the causes of revocation for ingratitude stipulated by law or when the material situation of the promisor deteriorated at such an extent that the execution of the promise became excessively onerous for him or the promisor became insolvent.
In the farming context, such promises may ensure the continued development of a farm to the great advance of the promisor.