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Synonyms for promiser

a person who makes a promise


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Of the solutions recently selected, Michelin will use JDA([R]) Order Promiser as a strong lever to generate reliable customer commitments.
Further, it was said that promises generally lapsed if they had not yet been made good when the promiser died.
The cry that issues from the blood of Abel, like the prayer of the destitute or Jesus' cry of dereliction from the cross, invokes God as promise and promiser in the face of evidence that God is instead a lie or a liar.
Therefore upon the supposition (ex hypothesi) that any one maketh a promise, which is a voluntary act of his own, to do something which he was not before obliged to by natural justice, upon the intervention of this voluntary act of his own, that indifferent thing promised falling now under something absolutely good and becoming the matter of promise and covenant, standeth for the present in a new relation to the rational nature of the promiser, and becometh for the time a thing which ought to be done by him, or which he is obliged to do.
But while the promiser, Margaret, considers the contract cancelled in the face of new information, the recipient of the promise holds to it and orients all his efforts toward its fulfilment.