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Synonyms for promiscuous

Synonyms for promiscuous

not selective of a single class or person

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casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior

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Promiscuous non-stoichiometric inhibition can be a serious problem when screening libraries of compounds in a high-throughput format.
Eligible male respondents were asked about their opinion toward two common statements regarding women's use of contraception: "Contraception is a woman's business" and "Women who use contraception may become promiscuous.
LIVERPOOL'S vibrant club scene has contributed to the city being named the most promiscuous city in the UK.
According to the poll, conducted by sex toy firm Lovehoney, Aquarians are likely to have 11 lovers in their lifetime, which is less than 15 of the most promiscuous star sign, Virgo, the Daily Star reported.
Boss Roger Whiteside said: "People are being more promiscuous about where they shop and are choosing retailers that offer value-led deals.
Their promiscuous counterparts, which dabble in various chemical reactions, do tasks less crucial to life.
Heterosexual males and females are just as capable, and quite evidently are, of promiscuous lifestyles.
The line includes seven highly pigmented shades ($20)--Prudish Pink, Rock Star Red, Gold Digger, Mysterious Mocha, Promiscuous Pink, Passionate Peach, and Bossy Berry--as well as Gold Digger, a shade that goes from day to night with an extra pop of shimmer.
Worst of all, they were drunken and promiscuous," he said.
Tattooed women are perceived as being more promiscuous and heavier drinkers than their tattoo-naive counterparts, reported researchers in the journal Body Image.
I must admit it intrigues me, but I'm alsoworried that if we get involved people might think we are promiscuous.
One way to determine rivalry in a potential same-sex friend is by assessing how promiscuous the person is.
Two studies assessed sex differences and the effects of relationship status and a person's own promiscuous proclivities in strategic friendship formation.
The steamy romp contains a host of explicit scenes as it follows the sexploits of a promiscuous X Factor-style contestant.