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in a prominent way

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Their number varied somewhat from time to time as they were united or divided; but on the whole, seven figured most prominently, whence comes the traditional name 'The Saxon Heptarchy'
The climax of this, as of all else, was the moment when the two front doors at the back of the scene flew open, showing the lovely moonlit garden, but showing more prominently the famous professional guest; the great Florian, dressed up as a policeman.
It was curious to observe some faces which stood out prominently from among the group.
A countenance of special discontent and amazement Mr Wegg exhibited in this position, with his buttons almost as prominently on view as Sloppy's own, and with his wooden leg in a highly unaccommodating state.
The red seemed to have gone even from her lips and gums, and the bones of her face stood out prominently.
Why did he put so prominently in his demand for ransom the fact that he had taken two thousand pounds from his victim on the spot?
MULTAN -- There is no shortage of any kind of fertilizer throughout Punjab and dealers have been told to display price list prominently at their sale points and not to charge more than the fixed price from farmers, agriculture spokesman said on Wednesday.
The men's movement's leading author Warren Farrell, who is prominently featured in the film, Cassie Jaye and Steven answered audience questions for about a half hour following the film, which was shown by Berkeley's Shattuck Cinemas.
com Handicap might be run to suit those ridden prominently 1.
NIGEL Farage has dismissed criticism of the lack of diversity in Ukip's manifesto, adding a "half black" party spokesman featured prominently along with "one fully black person".
The ACCC is also appealing the Full Federal Court s order that TPG pay total penalties of $50,000 in respect of TPG s initial misleading television advertisements and its failure to prominently display in its initial advertisements the single price for the advertised service.
The supermarket previously included the marque on the backs and sides of packs, but has now printed some five million new, larger QSM stickers which will be placed prominently on the front of pork packs.
Situated prominently on Madison Avenue, these two office buildings offer a prestigious address in one of the finest submarkets in New Jersey and have consistently commanded very strong demand from some of the area's most outstanding firms including law firms, financial services companies and philanthropic organizations" added Frank Truesdell, senior vice president and exclusive leasing agent.
Fans of the film may be a little disappointed in this volume: Toby's character is not well constructed, leaving readers wanting to know more about where he came from and to fill in the gap from his abduction as a baby to now; and while many of the creatures from the original make an appearance between chapters, few are prominently featured in the story.
Most prominently displayed name on banner and sponsorship boards at all functions and in all conference printed materials.