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Synonyms for prominent

Synonyms for prominent

Synonyms for prominent

having a quality that thrusts itself into attention

conspicuous in position or importance


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Among them, and prominent in some dispute, was the father of the little child.
In this procession were prominent coloured citizens in carriages, as well as several Negro military organizations.
Among the numerous prominent historians, however, two must be mentioned for the brilliant literary quality of their work.
Always shalt thou be the foremost and prominent above others: no one shall thy jealous soul love, except a friend"--that made the soul of a Greek thrill: thereby went he his way to greatness.
Seeing Alexey Alexandrovitch with his Petersburg face and severely self-confident figure, in his round hat, with his rather prominent spine, he believed in him, and was aware of a disagreeable sensation, such as a man might feel tortured by thirst, who, on reaching a spring, should find a dog, a sheep, or a pig, who has drunk of it and muddied the water.
Her cheeks were thin and hollow, her eyes a little too prominent, some hidden expression which seemed at times to flit from one to the other of her features suggested a sensuality which was a little incongruous with her somewhat angular figure and generally cold demeanour.
Among the threads of the past which the stricken man had gathered up, he had omitted the bill of sale; the flash of memory had only lit up prominent ideas, and he sank into forgetfulness again with half his humiliation unlearned.
In developing the Hunt Slonem brand, PROMINENT will seek to create licensed products that reflect the artist's rich history in home and furniture design across a broad spectrum of categories, including furnishing, lighting, bedding, home decor accessories, jewelry, entertaining/table top, flooring and area rugs, wall coverings and more for sophisticated consumers who shop in high-end retail and specialty stores.
Muscat : The first-ever Prominent Super Cup, organised by Prominent Lines LLC, will take place in Muscat, on Friday form 8am to 10pm, at Al Ghubrah Power & Desalination Plant.
For years, Prominent Placement was approached by small and startup businesses that were interested in search marketing, but didn't see the need to hire a full-service agency.
The drama stars a number of prominent actors from around the Arab World.
Tehri, March 9 (ANI): Dev Suman State Library, a prominent library which dates back to the British era, lies in a shambles in India's northern Tehri district, after facing neglect from the authorities.
This prominent corner space at 125 Park Avenue, with 30-foot ceilings and windows overlooking one of the Manhattan's business thoroughfares, is ideally suited to showcase Haworth's wide-ranging products.
But once in office, he made several moves that angered prominent Latino leaders, such as vetoing legislation to give driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants and voicing support for the Minutemen border-patrol group.