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Synonyms for prominence

Synonyms for prominence

a natural land elevation

Synonyms for prominence

the state of being prominent: widely known or eminent

relative importance

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A notable arch prominence was on the NE limb on Sep 4 but was not present on Sep 5.
Solar prominences and filaments supply most of the material released in coronal mass ejections, vast eruptions from the Sun's atmosphere that can cause space weather and create geomagnetic storms on Earth.
Prominence UFLC uses a unique balance of pressure, temperature and Shim-Pack XR-ODS column technology to reach excellent chromatography performance standards without pushing pressure to the extreme.
But the regulator said: "Ofcom considered that the item promoted the website in an unacceptable manner and also gave it undue prominence.
A former prodigy reporter at the Chicago Tribune who left to run Paul Simon's successful 1984 Senate campaign, Axelrod is the brains behind the Prairie State's newfound political prominence.
Deftly documenting an emerging appreciation for, and understanding of, the historical impact of a diminished prominence of the Goddess (many of whose attributes were to be subsumed in the Christian cult of the Virgin Mary), Savage Breast expertly covers diverse female deities including such goddesses as Aphrodite, Artemis of Ephesus, Demeter, Hera, Hekate, and others.
By acknowledging that the key to successful enrollment development is working to improve market position and enhance market prominence, we see the strategic value and vision in redefining the scope of a traditional enrollment management organization.
Strong is feverishly working to bring his syncretistic world religion and world government, to prominence.
Madrid was founded by the Moors and only rose to prominence in the 16th century when King Philip II chose to make it Spain's first permanent court and the center from which he would manage his newly emancipated empire.
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, a Republican who rose to prominence when then-Governor Bush appointed him to the state Supreme Court, is opposing President Bush on this issue.
The LC-20A Prominence series of HPLC components is said to offer enhanced specifications for practical, real-world HPLC, with the flexibility necessary for any application.
Great prominence and rightly so has been given to the war in Europe and VE Day, but why no prominence for VI Day?
The collaborative effort of Hong Kong Film Archive programmer Law Kar and film and modern history scholar Frank Bren, Hong Kong Cinema: A Cross-cultural View, traces the history of Hong Kong's film arts from the "Western shadow plays" of the late 1890s, to the boom of the 1930s, to Hong Kong's title of the "Hollywood of China" that has eclipsed the moviemaking prominence of Shanghai since the 1940s, a preeminence that continues to this day.
But I don't think atheism should be given the same prominence as faiths.
Granted each year, the citation recognizes full-time accounting educators for excellence in teaching and national prominence in the accounting profession.