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  • adj

Synonyms for prolonged

extending tediously beyond a standard duration

having great physical length

Synonyms for prolonged

relatively long in duration

drawn out or made longer spatially

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The wide bosom of the Tappan Zee lay motionless and glassy, excepting that here and there a gentle undulation waved and prolonged the blue shallow of the distant mountain.
Stryver never had a case in hand, anywhere, but Carton was there, with his hands in his pockets, staring at the ceiling of the court; they went the same Circuit, and even there they prolonged their usual orgies late into the night, and Carton was rumoured to be seen at broad day, going home stealthily and unsteadily to his lodgings, like a dissipated cat.
Spenlow and I falling into this conversation, prolonged it and our saunter to and fro, until we diverged into general topics.
The wretched man trifled with his glass - took it up, looked at it through the light, put it down - prolonged my misery.
He will invite the dullest of them to stay with him for quite prolonged visits, and without a murmur set apart a suite of chapters for their accommodation.
Around the edge of this cap was a stiff bandeau of leather, cut at the top into open work, resembling a coronet, while a prolonged bag arose from within it, and fell down on one shoulder like an old-fashioned nightcap, or a jelly-bag, or the head-gear of a modern hussar.
Moreover he had apparently neglected to wash his hands, and bore the air of one returning from a prolonged nutting ramble.
As a rule, I never asked him if it were convenient for him or not to follow me in my travels; but this time the expedition in question might be prolonged, and the enterprise might be hazardous in pursuit of an animal capable of sinking a frigate as easily as a nutshell.
When Passepartout heard what this last voyage was going to cost, he uttered a prolonged "Oh
There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare.
After a prolonged inspection, Bwikov seemed to recover his spirits, for he said something to which I duly replied.
The very reverse of those qualities prevailed among them during the prolonged sojourns of Captain Bonneville.
Then the business of "getting the anchor" and securing it afterwards is unduly prolonged, and made a weariness to the chief mate.
My residence in France was limited; I have prolonged it at the risk of displeasing my gracious sovereign.
The old man, despite his great strength and normal activity, was somewhat tired by his long journey of the day before, and the prolonged and exciting interview which followed it.