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Synonyms for prolongation

the act of making something longer or the condition of being made longer

Synonyms for prolongation

the act of prolonging something

amount or degree or range to which something extends

the consequence of being lengthened in duration

References in classic literature ?
that man's soul is that prolongation of his spinal marrow which forms
Where the land slopes abruptly under water, these reefs are only a few yards in width, forming a mere ribbon or fringe round the shores: where the land slopes gently under the water the reef extends further, sometimes even as much as a mile from the land; but in such cases the soundings outside the reef always show that the submarine prolongation of the land is gently inclined.
In the six existing Books he has given almost exhaustive expression to a richly creative imagination, and additional prolongation would have done little but to repeat.
Round every knob and cushion in the house sentiment gathered, a sentiment that was at times personal, but more often a faint piety to the dead, a prolongation of rites that might have ended at the grave.
Benjamin Allen; and while the boy in the gray livery, marvelling at the unwonted prolongation of the dinner, cast an anxious look, from time to time, towards the glass door, distracted by inward misgivings regarding the amount of minced veal which would be ultimately reserved for his individual cravings; there rolled soberly on through the streets of Bristol, a private fly, painted of a sad green colour, drawn by a chubby sort of brown horse, and driven by a surly-looking man with his legs dressed like the legs of a groom, and his body attired in the coat of a coachman.
Mr List's squint assumed a portentous character, which seemed to threaten a prolongation of this controversy, when his companion, who had been looking sharply at the old man, put a timely stop to it.
BRUSSELS, July 10 (KUNA) - The EU announced Friday the prolongation until 13 July the suspension of EU sanctions agreed in the Joint Plan of Action with Iran dated 24 November 2013.
Le club de la capitale s'est offert, pour l'occasion, sa 16e Coupe nationale en s'imposant aux penalties par 3 tirs au but a 1, les deux equipes n'ayant pas pu se departager (2-2) apres la prolongation en finale a Lisbonne.
Governor Dimitar Bogov cautioned that the prolongation of the crisis could affect investments, the main driving force of growth.
The results demonstrated that an intra-nasal formulation of MSP-2017 was well tolerated at single doses up to and including 140 mg with an excellent safety profile, desirable PK properties including rapid onset, and validating proof of concept by PR interval prolongation as measured by ECG.
In order for the prolongation to be more convincing, Macedonia pleads for EU interference and Greece opposes it.
The agreement was reached during the talks with the Uzbek side about prolongation of gas supplies to southern Kyrgyzstan until April 15.
The whole process against Kezarovski, journalist Petrusevska says, from his sensational arrest to the needless prolongation of his custody, is but a brutal demonstration of power.
Trois jours apres avoir elimine la France aux tirs au but, les Danoises se sont donc a nouveau retrouvees dans une prolongation, qui n'a pas donne lieu a beaucoup d'occasions.