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Synonyms for prolix

using or containing an excessive number of words

Antonyms for prolix

tediously prolonged or tending to speak or write at great length

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So, after an initial blast of aerosol degreaser and a wipe-down, I applied the PrOlix and a touch of PrOlix X-Tra T Lube and the old M15's cylinder was once again back to its freewheeling ways.
One gets the sense that Saney tried too hard to shoehorn his own personal interests in the Cuban legal system into this chapter--and this somewhat forced approach leaves the reader occasionally bemused at the prolix discussion.
to emerge as a person, and one gets used to such camp and prolix stuff, though it's rather like being smothered in a feather boa.
There is no doubt that the book is an interesting and instructive roundup of the problems that beset human societies, but it doesn't probe deeply enough, and in addition it is rather prolix.
In a rambling, prolix Commentary column (Register-Guard, Nov.
This sometimes leads to two things: a prolix explanation of actions which may now seem odd (for instance his early positive reports on Vietnam) that sounds like special pleading.
Williams never mentioned in his prolix answer as shedding any light on the issue was Holy Scripture.
Although the poorest-quality judgments are those of Justice Kirby, the other members of the Court seem often not to resist the temptation to prepare unnecessarily prolix judgments of their own.
Without being prolix, the authors (the original authors have now been joined by Web security guru Avi Rubin) cover a diverse range of topics, from an explanation of protocols to a description of attacks.
Hopefully she will act on the track as her half-brother Prolix won the Dee Stakes here in 1998 for the Lambourn trainer.
Hopefully, she will act on the track as her half-brother, Prolix, won the Dee Stakes on the Roodee in 1998 for the Lambourn trainer.
With such prolix weapons Lipuma hopes to defeat the hegemony of triumphant categories.
Disorganized, fragmentary or prolix case notes are equally time-honored hallmarks of poor medical charting.
In the case of ``King Hedley,'' which is prolix (opening night ran to three hours), pretentious and predictable at times, the faults outweigh the strengths.
As it is, the IAH's Humanist Manifesto 2000, too prolix for busy reporters to read, came and went as a brief back-page story in newspapers here and there--failing to live up to the front-page coverage (including the New York Times) achieved by the AHA's Humanist Manifesto II in 1973.