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an amino acid that is found in many proteins (especially collagen)

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5% agarose gel where the uncut band of 396 bp showed the presence of proline allele.
Proline estimation:Samples for the assay of proline content was obtained from green colour embryogenic calli at the end of culture 80th days.
The CJ2+ has Proline 21 avionics and the FMS3000 nav system.
Genotype 7126 showed better response regarding seedling traits, gas exchange traits and had higher accumulation of free proline, soluble sugars, amino acids and soluble proteins as compared to genotype 8046 at all drought stress levels.
The regression analysis for the leaf contents of free proline as a function of the different levels of water deficit (Figure 2A) indicated that the data best fitted to a decreasing linear model ([R.
The PROLINE 150 Series features a low profile design with side inlet and tangential outlet that provides easy and full drainage and reduces housing height to make filter bag change-outs easier.
Membrane stabilization during freezing: The role of two natural cryoprotectants, trehalose and proline.
Whirlpool said the faulty Swan and Proline machines were made by Indesit.
Whirlpool said 17,000 Swan dryers sold since late 2014 and 41,000 Proline machines sold between 2004 and 2005 had the fault which may cause fluff to catch fire on the heating element.
The APX activity in broad bean following the pretreatment with proline and irradiation with [UV.
Proline concentrations were determined spectrophoto metric ally using a using the net on the molecular weight of 0.
The present study was under taken to examine the modic effects of salicylic acid and ascorbic acid on mineral elements and leaf proline contents of two drought stressed sunflower hybrids (Hysun-33 and Hysun-38).
The Knick USA P40000 ProLine family is specially optimized for DC railway and light-rail transit (LRT) applications.
12) One class of these juices displays an atypically high proline to arginine (pro:arg) ratio and is, overall, low in total nitrogen (YAN).