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capable of reproducing

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William Green and Gordon Swanborough, "Ilyushin's Proliferous Shturmovik--Part Two", Air Enthusiast, No.
I wouldn't call myself much of a traveller or a thrill-seeker, and one needs to be both to enjoy the proliferous mangrove forest of Bangladesh.
Atorvastatin decreased significantly the measurable indices of vascular morphology such as the area and the thickness of intima, the proliferous ratio of intimal area and thickness.
WITH MYTH AND MAGIC: ART ACCORDING TO THE INKLINGS, Walking Tree continues its proliferous ascendancy in the world of Tolkien studies.
Pinnae are present in a variable number of pairs depending on the plant age and on the presence of a proliferous apex (Fig.
Unfortunately, this does mean that only a few authors remain on topic; of these the ever redoubtable George Lau examining Recuay-Cajamarca relations is a particularly good example, as are Kaulicke's article on Vicus and Mochica interactions and Haeberli's piece on the origins of the Nasca proliferous style.