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Proliferating trichilemmal tumor (PTT) is a rare adnexal neoplasm that arises from the outer sheath of the hair follicle.
The malignant tumors are: Pilomatrix carcinoma, Malignant proliferating trichilemmal tumor, Trichilemmal carcinoma and Trichoblastic carcinoma.
Pathologic Diagnosis: Proliferating Trichilemmal Tumor
Proliferating trichilemmal tumor is an uncommon but usually benign lesion, which may be misdiagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma.
The presence of abrupt keratinization, minimal pleomorphism, low mitotic activity, sharp circumscription, foci indistinguishable from a trichilemmal cyst, calcification, and absence of a premalignant lesion such as actinic keratosis help to differentiate proliferating trichilemmal tumor from squamous cell carcinoma.
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