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a preliminary discussion inserted at the beginning of a book or treatise

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San Antonio's Lynnell Burkett, author of the fine prolegomenon for the editorial page, Future Voice, said it well in an article for The American Editor: "[T]he newspaper, and particularly the editorial page, provides a common ground for the community to determine its values and work out its problems.
Crewe's essay serves as a prolegomenon that would resituate the issue of punctuating Shakespeare's texts; Ungerer provides a documentary record of historical evidence concerning Moll Frith and comments on contradictions between this record and her fictional personae; and Cefalu examines Captain John Smith's Virginia narratives and The Tempest as early modern "colonialist" texts that are primarily concerned with economic relationships among the European colonists themselves.
For this reason, theological construction needs no elaborate, foundation-setting, certainty-gaining prolegomenon.
From there, Gooding-Williams goes on to offer his own reading of "The Conservation of Races" as a "sort of philosophical prolegomenon to The Souls of Black Folk.
These few critical remarks to some extent echo the call for something in the nature of an ecumenical fundamental theology or prolegomenon to ecumenism, the need for which has become increasingly apparent in international ecumenical discussions in recent years.
Much in this "commonplace" book offers comfort and value; however, it needs to be taken as a prolegomenon or supplement to a more rigorous program of reflection.
While I am happy to accept Hiatt's justification for such lacunae ('every essay has the [unrealisable] potential to become a prolegomenon to the history of the universe' - p.
This interesting collection of ten essays on individual Louisiana women writers, accompanied by a provocative introduction and an extensive bibliography, offers not so much a comprehensive survey of women's writing in Louisiana as a prolegomenon to future scholarship on Southern women's literature.
One might cite here, as a kind of prolegomenon, Whitehead's most fundamental dictum: "Beware of dead ideas.
The longer survey of the practice of preaching which precedes it could equally well form a prolegomenon to a study of the Latin sermons.
Lacovia's Caribbean Aesthetics: A Prolegomenon are groundbreaking publications by Caribbean critics on the cultural iconography of the House-folk plantation model and the spider/shaman/trickster, yet neither is referenced.
It stands as a prolegomenon to the synthetic and interdisciplinary approach being fashioned by socio-economists.
Published by the University Press and scheduled for release in the next few weeks, the book's preface states "We offer this sketch as a kind of prolegomenon to all future biographies of Buck.
For instance, Wolff offers a longer prolegomenon containing a detailed explanation of (natural and artificial) ontology and its relation to the outdated (Protestant) Scholastic philosophy.
Undoubtedly because her 2005 translation of select Spiritual Writings contains a full introduction to Denis, the prolegomenon here is confined to two pages (xi-xii) and omits introducing De vitiis et virtutibus at all.