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a member of the working class (not necessarily employed)

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Asi, los interrogantes y dudas a que se hace referencia son objeto de una rigurosa reflexion desde una perspectiva historica primero y sistematica despues, a la luz de la historia, de la doctrina canonica y de la jurisprudencia actuales, con la finalidad de senalar su contenido esencial, es decir, que elementos relativos a la procreacion y educacion de la prole no pueden faltar en la voluntad de las partes a la hora de prestar consentimiento matrimonial para que este sea valido, con la pretension de clarificar, por ello, cual deba ser la voluntad de las partes, en el momento de celebrar matrimonio, con respecto a la procreacion y educacion de los hijos para que este no se vea afectado por un defecto de consentimiento y adquiera todos sus efectos, tanto salvificos como juridicos.
THE former manager of several high prole bands including Oasis and Primal Scream will visit Birmingham next week as part of a cinema tour.
e sessions give face-to-face advice to businesses on raising prole through themed products; cross promotion; encouraging people to stay longer; repeat business; and the practicalities of race day.
We work with national and international media on a daily basis to change out-dated perceptions and help secure a positive prole for the area.
TRADERS at Uplands Market in Swansea are beneting from a website which allows them to book their stall and create an online prole for free.
Launched by Lord Young in July 2013, X-Forces has the backing of several high prole sponsors, including Cisco and Barclays, and oers complete business support - from planning and advice to mentoring and funding - to individuals with a connection to the military community.
Exquisito postre que viene desde los exclusivos restaurantes de Interlomas para deleitar los paladares de la prole muerta de hambre.
El 21 de diciembre se acabara el mundo y necesita dejar asegurado a su prole .
Dan Prole (Llanishen) was ahead of Matthew Whiteley (Cowbridge) in the 2-lap and standing long jump, while Sean Kent (Cardiff High) battled with another Cowbridge pupil, Dillon Morgan, to win the four-lap and high jump.
Club officials are all wishing former Southport Visiter Sports Editor and Daily Post sports reporter Alan Prole a full recovery and his wife Sylvia full support after the veteran 77-year-old suffered a very serious fall down the main stand following Southport's home match on Boxing Day.
Prole Badge, excellently played by Barrington Watson-Clarke, is in love with Zee, a coolly confident Maddy Cooke, but it all goes wrong when he wins the government lottery and is thrust into the arms of the state.
Paul Prole of ghosthunters Club Zero said he planned to use night vision cameras in a bid to capture the ghosts.
As ex-Labour MP Joe Ashton - a prole down to his clog irons - says: "It's got nothing to do with how much you earn.
IT is absolutely astonishing for the out-of-touch political elite of this city to now say that Birmingham needs a political gurehead with the prole of a Joseph Chamberlain.