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Synonyms for prolapse

slip or fall out of place, as of body parts

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See your doctor if the haemorrhoids become painful or they prolapse often.
She noted that the pessary had significantly improved her prolapse symptoms.
Because risk factors include childbirth injuries, adolescent pregnancies and heavy physical labour soon after delivery, uterine prolapse often affects vulnerable and impoverished women with little access to health services.
Medical history, prior prolapse surgery and urinary incontinence history, and physical examination were recorded.
Prior research has shown, moreover, that constipation and incomplete bowel evacuation are not uncommon preoperatively in women with pelvic organ prolapse, she noted.
AMS), an Endo International plc (Nasdaq: ENDP) (TSX: ENL) subsidiary and leading provider of medical technologies for pelvic health, today announced that the first patient has been enrolled in Embrace(TM), AMS's 522 post market surveillance study for the Elevate(TM) Anterior and Apical Prolapse Repair System.
Three things may prolapse through the anus--polyps, the rectum and haemorrhoids, which are the most common.
More than 225,000 in-patient surgical procedures for pelvic organ prolapse are performed each year in the U.
Anterior compartment prolapse arises when the bladder and urethra herniate through a defect in the pubocervical fascia into the potential space of the vagina (Figure 1).
Eventually, the patient with long-standing prolapse may discover that the tissue can no longer be replaced.
They share stories from incontinent women and provide information on organ prolapse and pelvic pain and sexual issues that can accompany incontinence, as well as treatment plans for stress and urge incontinence, and their causes, home programs, specific exercises, the benefits of Pilates, links to depression, and how to find a professional.
Sometimes pelvic floor exercises are enough to fix a prolapse but in your case I think you would benefit from an operation.
Abstract: Pelvic organ prolapse is common in rural women in Nepal.
surgeons will be performing 179,000 more incontinence and prolapse operations annually in 2050 than they are today.
Urogynaecology and you; a handbook for women and bladder disorders, womb and vaginal prolapse.