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the person who operates the projector in a movie house

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Mike Taylor, Allerton (Former projectionist, Paramount/Odeon, London Road) Polls apart I write while ruminating on the referendum of 40 years ago concerning continued membership of the then EEC.
The numbers came on screen after I'd laced it up and the chief projectionist, John Radford wasn't very happy.
Tom had previously been a cinema projectionist for most of his working life.
Following a successful Kickstarter exclusive limited release campaign, The Projectionist, will launch a limited US theatrical release across major cities starting in New York and Los Angeles.
The kind of equipment Maureen Philipson would have watched her projectionist aunt Joan Latham, above left, use during her childhood fascinated with the magic of the cinema during the late 1940s
The 65-year-old - who was born above the old Grand cinema in Glasgow's Cowcaddens - had been chief projectionist at Glasgow Film Theare for 32 years.
I applied just for something to do - I got the job as projectionist and none of my friends got any of the other jobs.
Now, remarkably, as well as composing the score for and playing guitars, keyboard and percussion on the soundtrack, he has also written, directed, edited and dubbed The Last Projectionist, which uses archive footage found at his 1909 cinema to help tell its ever-changing story.
These are just some of the fascinating facts and characters in The Last Projectionist.
Cinema projectionist Emile (voiced by Jay Harrington) agrees to help truck driver Raoul (Adam Goldberg) make a delivery to a gargantuan greenhouse owned by a scientist.
Mike Taylor, projectionist, Projected Picture Trust, North West
Brinckle--a projectionist for 33 years at Middeltown's Everett Theatre--survived to see his theater disassembled and rebuilt as part of a traveling exhibition which, along with a video documentary on Brinckle's story and this book, constitute Messick's The Projectionist project.
Producer Cassian Elwes said the projectionist turned on the lights by mistake two scenes from the end.
Gordon Brinckle seemed like an ordinary man living in a 1950s-era home in Delaware, who was known as the night projectionist at the local movie theatre.
Cellist, WCS Drama Musicals, Grade 11-12; Intern, Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce, Grade 12; Cross country, Grade 10, Captain's Choice Award, Grade 10; Projectionist, Pleasant Street Christian Related Church.