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Synonyms for projectile

Synonyms for projectile

a weapon that is forcibly thrown or projected at a targets but is not self-propelled

impelling or impelled forward

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The projectile rides on this electromagnetic wave, trying to keep out in front of it," Cowan says.
Buffalo Bullet Company reverts to the age-old technology of a slow-moving, hard-hitting, soft-lead projectile doing what it does best -- EXPAND," is the word from the company's president Ron Dahlitz -- and there is no question his statement is more mere idle braggadocio as experienced black powder gunners have discovered in the big-game hunting fields.
The SA-4 utilizes the core PepperBall technology that has proven to be safe and effective by thousands of public and private agencies worldwide, with more than 10 million projectiles at use in the field with no reported deaths and thousands of lives saved.
When researchers measure the way the shockwave produced from the impacting projectile affects the plutonium sample, the data refines NNSA scientists computer models to predict aging effects, performance, and the safety of stockpile nuclear weapons.
Two people were killed and nine were injured in the last four days when 16 projectiles fell in the city.
On the other hand, some IR detection techniques employ detection and tracking of hot projectile trajectories [10-13].
aspx) Hypervelocity Projectile , can reach Mach 3 or over 2,300 miles per hour when fired, faster than any round in service.
Boxall led his delegation from the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations to see technologies developed at NSWCDD that included directed energy, electromagnetic railgun, hypervelocity projectile, cyber security, Tactical Tomahawk missile, mission engineering, and the Combined Integrated Air and Missile Defense-Antisubmarine Warfare Trainer.
Given her severe post-traumatic arthritis and the location of the projectile, total hip arthroplasty was determined to be the most appropriate treatment option.
FOUR rocket projectiles fired from Syria struck a Turkish border town, killing three Syrian children and a Syrian man, officials and reports said.
The 40-grain projectile is housed in a case that has undergone a black oxidation process to enhance accuracy by providing more consistent propellant and primer burn by optimizing the contact point between the case and the bullet.
When a projectile penetrates tissue it decelerates, but as it does so it dissipates energy, which is in the form of kinetic energy into the tissues.
SDE's hydrocode simulation reacts to projectile penetration in a very similar way to soft tissue and the resultant analysis can be used to predict kinetic energy transferred to the target, dimensions of the residual cavity, in-block yaw characteristics of the projectile and projectile fragmentation.
South Korea fired tens of artillery rounds towards North Korea on Thursday after the North fired a projectile towards a South Korean loudspeaker that had been blaring anti-Pyongyang broadcasts, the defence ministry in Seoul said.