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the political orientation of those who favor progress toward better conditions in government and society

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The grand theory is that Tammany's outreach to the immigrant poor made it a prototype of modern Progressivism, specifically the project of economic regulation in the name of social justice.
Beginning in the late nineteenth century as an attack by reformist intellectuals against the excesses of the Gilded Age, Progressivism under President Woodrow Wilson burst forth as a secular religion.
Her thesis is that viewing cinema of the 1907-1917 period through the lens of American Progressivism offers a more productive framework than does the notion of transitional cinema, because it has more "methodological specificity" (13).
Redistributionist progressivism more aggressively raises taxes to shift money down the income scale, opposes trade treaties and meddles more in the marketplace.
The diversity of Progressivism means that Pastorello is grappling with an octopus here, and it shows, with occasional repetition and overlapping of subject matter.
One reason that turn-of-the-century Progressivism lost its attractiveness as a self-label was its inextricable linkage to the disaster of alcohol prohibition.
She examines this so-called "progressive" era first in terms of its spectatorship, then compares progressivism and early feature films, and examines the new consciousness of self-celebrity amongst actors and directors.
Progressives were divided into those who saw progressivism through the lens of "child study and development," those who were interested in promoting "social efficiency and industrial order," and those whose primary concern was "social meliorism and cooperation.
The problem is that progressivism has corrupted both parties--and the federal government has become ineffective.
AMERICA'S WAY BACK: RECLAIMING FREEDOM, TRADITION, AND CONSTITUTION is all about evolving social and political values in modern America, and posits the idea that progressivism has corrupted modern political thinking in both parties.
Our progressivism can help us transport to the Red Planet.
Peer progressivism is the social change that occurs outside of rigid government structures but in a way that isn't guided by capitalistic self-interest, at least not exclusively.
The philosophical basis of progressivism is pragmatism a distinctively American philosophy that goes back to the 1870s.
Defining itself in opposition to once-dominant classical liberal theories that stressed the roles of private property, individual liberty, and limited government, progressivism received its highest expression during Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, yet its influence continues to dominate our politics today.
As Laugen shows, however, actors further down formed the base of Progressivism in the myriad locations it flourished across the US in the early twentieth century.