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the political orientation of those who favor progress toward better conditions in government and society

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One might wonder why I chose the political doctrine of progressivism as my topic for this article, (1) probably because the progressive orientation might be considered somewhat obsolete nowadays and has few chances of being revived.
The new progressivism is well represented in the academy, where the generally unacknowledged struggle to overcome the paradox of progressivism drives dominant schools of political and legal theory.
Can it be shown that progressivism has been "passed on" to different generations of social workers in a form that constitutes a "tradition"?
The phrase secret history in Goldberg's subtitle reflects his claim that the connections among fascism, progressivism, and modern liberalism have been lost, especially by modern liberals, whose lack of historical awareness blinds them to their Fascist sources and the implications of their well-intended policies, as well as to the degree to which classical liberalism was fascism's target.
Pedagogical progressivism has taken over ed school rhetoric but not school practice.
Indeed, it isn't too much of a stretch to say that Spitzer has, whether by accident or by design, crafted a unique politics all his own: prosecutorial progressivism.
I'm going to miss Molly Ivins's page, but I love my country and my church too much to contribute to a magazine that confuses progressivism with hate.
He contends that such progressivism was evident in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) throughout the twentieth century, grounded in a belief that moral transformation was possible through the transformation of individuals.
An indispensable factor for Left Coast progressivism is an audience that pays to see political subjects.
Perhaps that is because Southern Baptist racial progressivism, as defined in this book, had been for the most part, all along, rather cautious.
Sounds of Reform: Progressivism and Music in Chicago, 1873-1935.
Even with these minor quibbles, Science at the Borders is a valuable contribution that should be of great interest to historians of American immigration, medicine, labor, industry, and progressivism.
The book's narrative is ordered around three "presidential paradigms": Hamiltonianism, Jeffersonianism, and Progressivism (p.
Rallying around the political ideals of progressivism, Churchill ran successfully in 1902 for the New Hampshire state legislature and unsuccessfully twice thereafter for the state's governorship.