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advancing in amount or intensity

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Progressively bigger positive values indicate progressively better-than-average conditions, whereas progressively more negative values indicate progressively worse-than-average conditions.
Studying more than 50 depictions of the Last Supper painted in the last millennium, they discovered that the meals laid before Jesus and his disciples progressively grew in size by two thirds.
Summary: Algeria should further promote knowledge-based economy (KBE), built on competitiveness and technology transfer, and progressively giving up the capital accumulation method, recommended Monday in Algiers an official at the European Investment Bank (EIB).
It is arguable that home-continent advantage will become progressively less important in the future - just as, round the globe, home-town advantage is becoming progressively less important in club football.
The European Commission had accused the Greek authorities of failing to draw up policies or strategies to progressively adapt steam and gas turbine units at the Dimosia Epicheirisi Ilektrismou (public electricity generator) power station at Linoperamata, Crete, to best available technologies.
He was asked to run 100 meters, starting slowly with a full foot gait and progressively running faster to an all-out effort that used only the fore-foot, with a focus on kicking back during the swing phase.
Progressively producing innovative products will continue to make their propositions attractive to the niche industry sectors.
If the repetition target isn't achieved, they will be asked to progressively accomplish more repetitions until the target is attained.
Thus the Church, assuming her own specific configuration, progressively freed the specific gift of the Lord, which was new and permanent, from the old context and gave it its own form.
estimate that nearly 4 million Americans currently have the debilitating disorder, which destroys the brain's neurons and progressively affects all of the mind's functions.
The research shows that there are progressively more accidents as the working week unfolds - with Friday being the peak day for claims.
Just as managed care has created a new physician-patient dynamic centered around economics, the Internet will progressively shift the balance of decision-making toward patients with their new currency of information.
Further improvements in performance can only be achieved by progressively increasing the demands on the system.
This start allows Page to weave the necessarily multi-layered construct for reading Morrison's own intertextuality and what he identifies as her progressively complex narrative structures.
During a solidification simulation, the temperatures of individual elements change progressively as a function of the six nearest neighbor elements according to a deterministic rule.
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