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a style of rock music that emerged in the 1970s

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Every year the magazine - the world's leading authority of progressive rock - holds the Progressive Music Awards which has developed into one of the best attended and most anticipated events in the musical calendar for both unsigned, emerging acts to 'prog overlords.
It wasn't long before influential progressive rock stations in the US were endorsing their quality.
The Kinetic Operations will perform on Sunday and they have in their kitty, four original tunes-- all progressive rock with 80' s and 90' s guitar riffs.
Sneeze burst onto the scene in 1969, winning fans with their progressive rock and horn section, and last performed together live in 1971 - at the Rex Hotel in Whitley Bay -before splitting up the following year, when they all went their separate ways.
At my suggestion, Australia's progressive rock band of the 1970s, Sebastian Hardie, re-formed and was the support act for the 2003 Yes tour.
PIONEERS of progressive rock, the veteran band Yes (formed in 1968) return to Birmingham has part of a tour in which they perform three of their most popular albums - The Yes Album, Close to the Edge and Going For The One - in their entirety.
In what looks like an extended Fast Show sketch, Day stars as the eponymous ageing rock star and former frontman of ground-breaking progressive rock group Thotch; (Think Genesis meets Yes).
The topics include protest in 19th-century African American music, Jewish voices of protest on Broadway from The Eternal Road to The Cradle Will Rock, American tragedian Bob Dylan, British progressive rock as social criticism, Riot Grrrls and the contradictions of feminism, Reggae's evolution from protest to mainstream, European pop music and notions of protest, music and the struggle against apartheid, and rock music as a force for change in China.
by Heikki Poroila, plus a singular general-interest music book, namely Aamunkoiton portit: progressiivinen rock 1967-1979 [The Gates of Dawn: Progressive Rock, 1967-1979] (ISBN 978-952-5363-45-6), written by above-mentioned Matti Pajuniemi.
STAR Trek star William Shatner has a new enterprise - launching a progressive rock album about "ageing depression and the beauty of life" at the age of 82.
Yestival will also include a second stage with performances by up-and-coming progressive rock outfits such as Scale The Summit, a special appearance by The School Of Rock and an art showing by Roger Dean, whose fanciful covers and visuals of Yes, Asia and Uriah Heep have been an important element in the history of progressive rock.
Hawkwind Warrior On The Edge Of Time Our fave A DELUXE version of the progressive rock group's 1975 classic album.
On the other hand, Egypt's progressive rock band, Cairokee, described their experience in merging oriental beats with Soft Rock, while also incorporating different Eastern traditional instruments that play well with their Western and unique modern twist.
Two classic progressive rock recordings have reintroduced the format via the specialty label.
But time brings a different perspective on the way history fits together, and in the case of Steve Reich, one of a handful of living composers who has altered the direction of musical history, and whose music shares some elements with 70s progressive rock, a composing lifetime largely spent underground, is now definitely over ground.
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