progressive rock

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a style of rock music that emerged in the 1970s

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He had searched in vain for a copy of legendary progressive rock album Den Of Iniquity by the Norman Haines Band - a slice of vinyl which sells for pounds 1,500.
While Floyd were clearly becoming an acquired taste, the tracks One of These Days and Echoes portrayed Floyd as masters of texture if not masters of the progressive rock universe that bands like Soft Machine, Caravan and Tangerine Dream were attempting to capture.
Although style, compositions and in some cases band members, are consistently changing, the outfit says progressive rock will always best describe its music.
Their original sound is best described as guitar- and keyboard-led progressive rock and has sometimes been compared with '70s-era Genesis.
Author of the well-known Rocking The Classics (New York: Oxford University Press, 1997), Macan situates his book in the context of several recent critical studies of progressive rock including Paul Stump's The Music's All That Matters: A History of Progressive Rock (London: Quartet Books, 1997), Bill Martin's Listening to the Future: The Time of Progressive Rock (Chicago: Open Court Press, 1998), and the book edited by Kevin Holm-Hudson, Progressive Rock Reconsidered (New York: Routledge, 2002).
Listening and participating as an obnoxious fan to those shows over the years helped the 33-year-old Smith establish a new approach for a role that KLAC program director Don Martin lured him to, as well as an afternoon drive host, after Smith spent seven years as Jimmy Kimmel's replacement doing sports updates on the progressive rock station with ``Kevin & Bean'' in the mornings.
Then we started writing songs that were more punk rock and progressive rock, which were very big in Quebec.
Genesis - who met at Surrey public school Charterhouse in the 1960s - first rose to fame as a progressive rock act fronted by Peter Gabriel.
Try to imagine the most awful progressive rock group crossed with the biggest no-hopers you ever saw on Opportunity Knocks.
While working as a secretary for Polydor Records, she invited a friend from the company to see her play, and he brought along progressive rock hero Robert Fripp.
Antherius recalls a bygone era of more instrumental pop hits and extended vocal-free passages in the progressive rock songs of The Moody Blues, ELO, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Blood, Sweat and Tears.
Ray Weston of the progressive rock band echolyn, the acoustic duo Red, the acoustic-electric band Valdez, and the folkabilly progressive outfit Pluck and Rail will be performing in a combined progressive rock and folk presentation.
The Fast Show comic Simon Day reprises his role as Brian, the frontman of progressive rock act Thotch.
Number 1 album TALES From Topographic Oceans, the double concept album by progressive rock band Yes, was spending its second week at the top.
Indian classical, folk tunes, tributes to western pop and blue icons, Bollywood numbers as well as contemporary progressive rock music and more are on the cards.
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