progressive aspect

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the aspect of a verb that expresses its on-going action

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Klein argues that the progressive aspect places the topic time within the situation time as in the two possibilities in (2a).
We are now pointing to the progressive aspects of Senate Bill 4 in our comments to the BLM, who retreated from regulating acidisation of wells," he says.
Sd al-Hudaifi, Media Center Manager, said: "The contestants' images truly reflected Qatar's vibrant society, its progressive aspects as well as its wealth of heritage and culture.
However, during the process of adoption and implementation in recent months, a number of attacks from conservative sectors of the country have sought to undermine the most progressive aspects of the Plan, distorting the original spirit of resolving the human rights demands of Brazilian society.
A New Reformation is very strongly recommended and iconoclastic reading, and to be given high praise as an outstandingly informative and quite comprehensive study of the Christian movement, especially the Catholic church, and a coherent presentation of the more progressive aspects of the Christian religion in modern times.
The Court of Appeals upheld some progressive aspects of the 2001 ruling, including the concept that native rights to customary lands cannot be extinguished except through unambiguous legislation and payment of compensation.
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