programming error

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error resulting from bad code in some program involved in producing the erroneous result

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If the insured has suffered negative publicity because of its responsibility for e-commerce security breaches or programming errors, or because the insured itself has allowed its private information to be publicized, there may be a decline in the reputation of the insured.
If a programming error has been made, you catch it before going out to the machine.
Not because he did poor work or made a programming error, but because the version that he was using was not the latest, and his changes were incompatible with others already made.
Bug A programming error in software that can have unwanted side effects.
We know that the programming error is due to an alteration in a single gene," says Garvin.
For an Internet business whose web site can't be accessed by customers or business partners due to a hacker or programming error, traditional property coverage would not apply.
That may have been the result of a subjective interpretation of the tax code (some programs used net income from all sources rather than gross income) or some programming error.
In 1993, because of a human programming error, a Hunter veered off course and flew 750 miles before running out of gas and landing in the Pacific Ocean.
Also, quickly identify any client affected by a misinterpretation of tax law or programming error.
Because of the programming error, the switch's processor mistakenly dumped the data from the second message into a section of its memory already storing information crucial for the functioning of the communications link.
With this guarantee, customers who experience a rate discrepancy can seek reimbursement if it is directly caused by a Multico-Online programming error.
The latest debacle came on top of a series of embarrassing TSE fiascos in recent months, including a forced suspension of trading because of a programming error and the system's failure to cancel orders placed in error by Mizuho Securities Co.
In June, a Harcourt programming error resulted in the misclassification of 250,000 students.
Doyle calls Magellan's first mapping loss due to a human programming error.
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