programming error

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error resulting from bad code in some program involved in producing the erroneous result

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This is the first logic simplification measure taken by POST (this also simplifies the programming error analysis task - we will discuss on it later).
If a programming error has been made, you catch it before going out to the machine.
Due to a programming error between the European Space Agency's Huygens probe and NASA's Cassini orbiter, currently circling Saturn, some of the former's observations were thought to be lost forever (April issue, page 38).
Bug A programming error in software that can have unwanted side effects.
The adjustments relate mainly to the treatment of certain store leases as well as a software programming error in the retailer's accounts payable system.
We know that the programming error is due to an alteration in a single gene," says Garvin.
For an Internet business whose web site can't be accessed by customers or business partners due to a hacker or programming error, traditional property coverage would not apply.
That may have been the result of a subjective interpretation of the tax code (some programs used net income from all sources rather than gross income) or some programming error.
In 1993, because of a human programming error, a Hunter veered off course and flew 750 miles before running out of gas and landing in the Pacific Ocean.
Also, quickly identify any client affected by a misinterpretation of tax law or programming error.
Because of the programming error, the switch's processor mistakenly dumped the data from the second message into a section of its memory already storing information crucial for the functioning of the communications link.
Because of a programming error, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had trouble tracking how much the government was really supposed to have spent on health insurance premium tax credits, according to an IRS watchdog agency.
The problem is believed to be related to a programming error in the engine control module, which causes the gauge to show an inaccurate reading by as much as a quarter of a tank.
The bank has placed four senior technology specialists on administrative leave after a programming error caused the investment bank to send faulty stock options orders last week.
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