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the condition of being prognathous

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29 kg/m2, cephalic perimeter: 60 cm, long face, broad forehead, synophrys, high palate, prognathism, large ears (7.
The lateral cephalogram confirmed the hypoplasia of the mid-facial region along with the associated relative mandibular prognathism.
e low intelligence, partial deafness, weak eye sight, short stature, facial deformity, bad dentition, mandibular prognathism, fused digits of hands and feet.
By examining the sagittal yaws position inpersons with skeletal class I authors found that the angle of maxillary prognathism (SNS) and angle of mandibulary prognathism (SNB) are significantly lower than the standard values, which indicates the posterior position of yaws and retrognathic facial type [19].
Apart from anatomic causes for difficult intubation like short neck, micrognathia, prognathism and macroglossia, look for loose or missing teeth and dentures.
His mouth tended to be open and he had macrostomia and macroglossia with a grooved tongue and prognathism.
Physical characteristics include macrocephaly, (3,6) hyperteolirsm, strabismus, prognathism, (3) large prominent ears, and postpubertal marcroorchidism.
Furthermore, rhNoggin may also be used to treat mandibular growth alterations, such as prognathism and micrognathia as well as cleft palate.
Enlarged encephalizational levels in cubic centimeters must increase; prognathism must move towards orthognathism (brachycephalic racialization), conceptions of intelligence from Scholastic Aptitude Test scores must move above one thousand points, and finally the historical teleology must move from prehistory (Ethiopian) to history (ancient Egyptian).
Cephalometric analysis of changes arising during treatment of prognathism.
Often the animal's head was distorted, having a horse-like or pig-like shape, brachygnathism, prognathism, and/or diverging sagittal axes (online Technical Appendix 3 Figure 3).
25 Quinn16 has cited nasal airway obstruction as the major cause of mandibular prognathism (forward projecting lower jaw), facial asymmetries, and vertical dysplasias.