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the condition of being prognathous

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calves 2 4 Method of death Euthanasia 2 3 Spontaneous 0 1 Bodyweight, kg 49 [+ or -] 4 39 [+ or -] 3 ([double dagger]) ([section]) Axial musculoskeletal system Defect location Cervical 0 2 Thoracic 0 0 Lumbar 0 0 Type of deviation Lateral 0 2 Dorso-ventral 0 0 Helicoidal 0 0 Appendicular musculo-skeletal system Arthrogryposis 0 3 ([greater than or equal to]1 limb involved) Symetric limb NA 3 involvement Forelimb/hind limb NA 0 involvement Forelimbs only NA 2 Hind limbs only NA 1 Head Coaptation defect Prognathism 0 0 Brachygnathism 0 1 Altered profile Horse-like 0 1 Pig-like 0 0 Broken sagittal axis 0 1 Central nervous system Porencephaly 2 3 Hydranencephaly 1 1 Hydrocephaly 0 0 Cerebellar hypoplasia 0 0 Micromyelia 2 4 Characteristic WBD-2 WBD-3 ([dagger]) ([dagger]) No.
Prognathism refers to the projection of the mouth and jaw as opposed to the orthognathism or the regularity of "a more vertical line from the forehead to the chin" (see Curtis, Apes and Angels, xix, 89-93).
On the one hand, Anoiapithecus displays a very modern facial morphology, with a muzzle prognathism so reduced that, within the family Hominidae, we can only find comparable values within the genus Homo sapiens, whereas the remaining great apes are notoriously more prognathic.
The patient had the typical appearance of Crouzons's syndrome (large brachycephalic head, prognathism, crowding of the teeth and exorbitism).
On his admission to our clinic, his physical examination revealed acral enlargement, frontal bossing, and prognathism, consistent with acromegaly.
Some common physical characteristics seen in acromegaly are skeletal deformities such as increasing hand and foot size, thickening of the heel pad, frontal bossing, prognathism (a protrusion of the jaw caused by malformations of the bones of the face), and macroglossia (an enlargement of the tongue).
Craniofacial features are dominated by an underdeveloped premaxilla and a relative mandibular prognathism.
Those who saw Louverture have often commented on his prognathism, which is especially striking in this portrait.
Osteometrical differences of body linearity, as well as internal anatomical differences, corroborated such skull peculiarities as wide nasal aperture, ankylosed nasal bones, prognathism, receding chin, and well-developed wisdom teeth and created an index for a hierarchy of the races.