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having a projecting lower jaw

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These patients can be prone to gagging, due to the enlarged tongue and Class III prognathic jaw.
And while Shields preferred to relate the saga of Irish home rule to his Toronto audience mostly through the use of local "Irish" figures, two other aspects of his work are highlighted in the rest of the discussion: his re-appropriation of symbolic practices long used to satirize Irish nationalists and Ireland itself (but without the prognathic features), and his attempts to legitimize the unionist position through his imaginative renderings of (Orange) Ulster and Ulstermen versus (Green) Ireland and Irishmen.
However, the basic cause of many mandibular prognathic cases is excessive mandibular growth originating in the mandibular condyles.
On the one hand, Anoiapithecus displays a very modern facial morphology, with a muzzle prognathism so reduced that, within the family Hominidae, we can only find comparable values within the genus Homo sapiens, whereas the remaining great apes are notoriously more prognathic.
The surgical term for this is a class three mal-occlusion, or a prognathic mandible.
To the extent one rises in the series of human races," cranial volume and brain weight increase, the facial angle increases, and prognathic (receding forehead and prominent jaw) face conformation decreases.