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Previously, women who would benefit from both estrogen and progestin had only two options: either oral estrogen and progestin or an estrogen transdermal patch used with an oral progestin.
One component of this trial among 16608 women was stopped early in 2002 when it was determined that health risks of estrogen plus progestin exceeded benefits over a 5.
After adjusting for smoking, age and other factors that affect the risk of lung cancer, the researchers determined the use of estrogen and progestin for 10 or more years was associated with increased risk for lung cancer compared with no use of HRT.
Research since the pill's introduction has focused on lowering the dose of estrogen and using different dosages and types of progestins, and the pill is now considered safe and effective.
Progestins are also used alone for birth control, and for treatment of a variety of conditions, including abnormal uterine bleeding and amenorrhea (absence of periods); endometriosis; breast, kidney or uterine cancer; and appetite and weight loss related to AIDS.
Overall, the difference between estrogen and progestin potencies had no impact on endometrial cancer incidence.
171) fails to make the distinction between the synthetic hormone progestin and the naturally occurring hormone progesterone.
dose of both estrogen and progestin transdermally (through the skin) via
Women who use oral contraceptives containing progestin and a low dose of estrogen have an increased risk of venous thromboembolism--a blood clot that forms in the veins of the legs and may detach and travel to the lungs.
Progesterone is the proper name to signify identical-to-natural progesterone; progestin signifies non-bioidentical progesterone.
Based on the research to date, there is no apparent benefit to hormone therapy for cardiovascular disease, and there is even an increased risk for stroke with either estrogen alone or with estrogen and progestin.
Results from two recent studies in the New England Journal of Medicine and one in the Lancet have mounted yet more evidence suggesting that combination estrogen and progestin is bad for a post-menopausal woman's heart and breasts.
The new dosage, manufactured by Wyeth, has 28% less estrogen and 40% less progestin than the original Prempro.
Ortho Evra skin patch: Women place this dermal patch containing estrogen and progestin on the buttocks, abdomen, upper torso or outer-arm area once a week for three weeks.
But this re-assessment will not include estrogen or progestin therapies alone.
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