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Precision of progesterone assay was 6 pg/tube and intra-assay and interassay coefficients of variation were 6.
Status-LH provides dog breeders and their veterinarians with a comprehensive line of canine ovulation timing products which include the Status-LH Canine Lutenizing Hormone Assay, Status-Pro Canine Progesterone Assay and ICG's Laboratory Testing Service for Canine Reproductive Hormones," Rosinack noted.
The results of the progesterone assay indicated that in this goat silent heats occur mostly in the early breeding season.
Blood samples were centrifuged within 1 h of collection at approximately 3,500 rpm for 15 min and serum stored at -20[degrees]C for later progesterone assay.
The authors pointed out that falsely increased test results of the Elecsys[R] Progesterone assay may occur if gel separation tubes are used.
Effect of serum-separating gels on progesterone assays [Letter].
the ACS:180 Progesterone assay (Ciba Corning), the TOSOH Progesterone assay (TOSOH Medics), the ES 300 Progesterone assay, and the SR1 Progesterone assay (Biochem Immunosystems, Allentown, PA).
The estradiol assay involves a rabbit polyclonal antibody and the progesterone assay involves a monoclonal antibody.
Similarly, although progesterone and the progesterone receptor play important roles in mammary gland development and breast cancer progression (Obr and Edwards 2012), no progesterone assays have been adopted into EDSP or other mainstream chemical testing paradigms.
Comparison of blood spot, salivary and serum progesterone assays in the normal menstrual cycle.
Use of pregnancy specific proteins and progesterone assays to monitor pregnancy and determine the timing, frequencies and sources of embryonic mortality in ruminants.
At the same time, serum progesterone assays have limited value for differentiating between EP and spontaneous abortion (19).
In the progesterone assays, there was a significant difference between uncorrected urine vs serum correlations and both SG-corrected urine vs serum and CR-corrected urine vs serum correlations (Table 3).
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