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Synonyms for profundity

Synonyms for profundity

intellectual penetration or range

deep, thorough, or mature understanding

Synonyms for profundity

wisdom that is recondite and abstruse and profound

intellectual depth


Related Words

the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas

the quality of being physically deep

References in classic literature ?
My efforts had invested them with a sort of amusing profundity.
And the intimate profundity of that look he gave me when he received his hurt remains to this day in my memory--like a claim of distant kinship affirmed in a supreme moment.
Now, in reality, the world have paid too great a compliment to critics, and have imagined them men of much greater profundity than they really are.
I looked at the bleak, inaccessible wall at my back and know the profundity of despair.
The profundity of his remarks and interrogatories astonished his old grandfather, who perfectly bored the club at the tavern with stories about the little lad's learning and genius.
Sapsea has nothing better to do, towards evening, and finds the contemplation of his own profundity becoming a little monotonous in spite of the vastness of the subject, he often takes an airing in the Cathedral Close and thereabout.
I felt the silence, although I was hardly conscious of its extreme profundity, until my ear was suddenly arrested by the paddling of oars near the shore, and a person landed close to my house.
And when he chose to speak a harsh thought, it was ten-fold harsher than ordinarily, because it seemed to proceed out of such profundity of cogitation, because it was as prodigiously deliberate in its incubation as it was in its enunciation.
The tension of expectation could be measured by the profundity of the silence that fell upon the very click of the billiard balls.
The mother, with her feet propped up on a stool, seemed to be trying to get to the bottom of that answer, whose feminine profundity had struck her all of a heap.
Speaking now,' returned Mortimer, 'with the irresponsible imbecility of a private individual, and not with the profundity of a professional adviser, I should say that if the circumstance of its being too much, weighs upon your mind, you have the haven of consolation open to you that you can easily make it less.
But let me represent to you,' returned Lightwood, 'speaking now with professional profundity, and not with individual imbecility, that the offer of such an immense reward is a temptation to forced suspicion, forced construction of circumstances, strained accusation, a whole tool-box of edged tools.
I beg your pardon, but professional profundity must be exact.
The block secures an aggregate area of 155 square kilometers with a water profundity of 80-100 meters, the block is one of the blocks CNOOC provided for international cooperation in 2014.
Beautiful Days, Holy Days: The Majesty and Profundity of the Jewish Holidays" is a 264 page compendium of informed and informative commentary that will reveal dimensions of the holidays that infuse them with life and meaning, and will make their observance experiences of growth and satisfaction.