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Synonyms for profoundness

intellectual penetration or range

Synonyms for profoundness

extremeness of degree

wisdom that is recondite and abstruse and profound

the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas

the quality of being physically deep

intellectual depth


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Recently, the Fisher House Foundation demonstrated the profoundness of their commitment to the families of our nation's heroes.
What I want to emphasize is the quality, profoundness, and impartial fairness of the speeches and of the contributions at this symposium.
By strengthening the dissemination and experience of Chinese liquor culture, we can make foreign consumers feel and understand the extensiveness and profoundness of Chinese culture, then letting them fuse Chinese white spirit consumption into their lives.
While Burgard's text ably addresses De Staebler's sculptural profoundness and documents his life circumstances, the artist's positivity of life is less featured here.
The 40th anniversary of friendship and good neighborly relations between Iran and the Omani Sultanate will be held on Tuesday while these ties enjoy increasing profoundness and strength under the current conditions in the region today," Iranian Ambassador to Oman Ali Akbar Sibouyeh told FNA.
Al-Jaz referred to the profoundness of the historic relations between Sudan and Turkey, commending development of the bilateral relations in various domains.
Skorka says the issue was handled in a way that did a disservice to the profoundness of the analysis the topic deserves.
Building on the principle of helping others, Ferrazi's advice in this area reaches a pinnacle of profoundness describing why you never keep score when helping others.
So the vision, the values, the profoundness, thinking deep, thinking something holistic and that is something again important," she added.
The new design gives a score of profoundness to the goal-oriented features offered by the startup.
Ceramic sculpture in the Song period, like other types of porcelain, was fully connotative and graceful, with profoundness and exquisiteness, which expressively denoted a strong preference of literati and scholars of the Song Dynasty.
Mustafa believes jazz music is extremely underrated in Egypt and the profoundness of the genre is neglected.
Of course I cannot assess the content and profoundness of each chapter, but I think that the 20 chapters could be a bit deeper; for example, the chapter about economics is only seven pages long and it is only about the expected utility theory and its critiques.
We do not, with sufficient plainness, or sufficient profoundness, address ourselves to life, nor dare we chaunt our own times and social circumstance .
But there is a profoundness to this statement; is DM diluting Everton''s expectations next season due to the maxim best squad ever, or if Everton do not receive major investment then the club will stagnate for the foreseeable future.