profoundly deaf

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totally deaf

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Christopher Plummer, 26, from Dumfries, is another profoundly deaf BSL user who requires the use of a cochlear implant.
He said: My wife and l are profoundly deaf and use British Sign Language to communicate.
Justin Osmond, son of former Osmonds lead singer Merrill Osmond, was also born profoundly deaf.
A PROFOUNDLY deaf woman committed to improving communication and access for all deaf people has received a regional teacher award.
Evie is profoundly deaf and her family hope a pioneering operation to fit a device called an Auditory Brainstem Implant will allow her to hear.
For example, profoundly deaf patients are unable to use conventional hearing aids and require costly support from their healthcare providers and governments for their entire lives.
A PROFOUNDLY deaf student, who was named 'Further Education Learner of the Year' for the whole of Wales this summer, has had a typical day at college documented by a television programme.
Demi Valentino is like any other teenager, but at the age of 14 she becomes profoundly deaf from meningitis.
As an antidote to festive cheer, the museum is currently showing Goya's Prison: the Year of Despair, an investigation of the 12 so-called cabinet paintings produced around 1793 when the artist was consumed by a mystery illness that left him profoundly deaf.
These speech processors employ two new sound coding strategies that enable people who are profoundly deaf to hear the fine details of sound.
By flipping on a gene that's normally active only during embryonic development, researchers have restored hearing to a group of profoundly deaf guinea pigs.
My friend Jacques, a 55-year-old man, had severe mental disabilities and was profoundly deaf.
pre-match speeches and passionate urgings reveal a man who cares, despite having to cope with the real-life hardship of bringing up his three profoundly deaf daughters.
Headquartered in the brittle hills of Valencia, Advanced Bionics is abuzz as the company repositions itself as a formidable player in cochlear implants - bionic ears that help the profoundly deaf hear.
Sgt Kevin Doyle, of West Midlands Police, said: "Chloe is profoundly deaf and could not hear the bike approaching.