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in a dissolute way


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Despite its growing scarcity and preciousness to life, water is also man's most misgoverned, inefficiently allocated, and profligately wasted natural resource in both democracies and authoritarian states.
To be booed and pilloried by Arsenal supporters for not opening his wallet more profligately to buy new players, and to find himself the target of media mutters suggesting that his future at Arsenal may be precarious.
In the Whitechapel, the social cacophony of the neighborhood--largely South Asian, substantially Muslim, but profligately cosmopolitan at the same time--managed, against all the odds, to filter into the interior spaces, reminding me that Neel had worked in a New York neighborhood, Harlem, that was also widely regarded as "other.
The mortality rate of released stripers caught on bait with J-hooks is far higher, profligately wasteful, and ethically unacceptable.
From my first meal of the day until the last cup of tea before I go home, I'm profligately wasting precious resources on things that -at best - go straight in the recycling bin.
These are facts which all Britain's main political parties choose to ignore and thus, not having been consulted, the British people has no democratic alternative to a policy which by any study or analysis continues to be utterly reckless, profligately expensive and an entirely unwarranted endangerment of our brave men and women posted there.
Such rules encourage farmers and ranchers to consume water profligately, drying up streams and leaving fish homeless.
Yet, under a systems approach, maximizing upstream energy resources becomes meaningless if energy is consumed profligately at the downstream end.
But with newness having been so profligately ascribed to so much of the same old stuff, the now-threadbare concept has been all but consigned to the cliche bin.
The tournament forms part of his preparation for the last two legs of the Grand Slam, which he botched so profligately at Winged Foot.
Whereas British and American units were averse to taking casualties, and the requisite risks likely to produce them in great numbers, the Russian generals, at Stalin's orders, profligately spent their soldiers' lives, while German soldiers sold their lives dearly, yet prodigiously, to defend their homeland.
Strewn profligately throughout the book are brilliant descriptors that effortlessly capture the essences of things, making the reader see them as if for the first time: the Broadway as conjured up by Damon Runyon's stories is "Breughel-like"; the Woolworth Building is a "kind of Gothic cupcake"; Louise Brooks "had the power and the curse of reflection.
Groundwater--rainfall lying in underground aquifers--is another vital source of water for agriculture; it too is often used profligately.
In combination, terrorism and so-called weapons of mass destruction present the potential of devastating attacks on civilian populations, although the degree of the threat is hard to judge because it has been so profligately invoked.
In many parts of the US, where there remains a strong sense that settlement represents only the first wave of provisional occupation, land is often used profligately and buildings are seen as short lived, disposable c ommodities.