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Synonyms for profligate

Synonyms for profligate

characterized by excessive or imprudent spending

an immoral or licentious person

a person who spends money or resources wastefully

Synonyms for profligate

a dissolute man in fashionable society

a recklessly extravagant consumer

recklessly wasteful

unrestrained by convention or morality

References in classic literature ?
Allowing for the chance accessions of which any crowd is morally sure in a town where there must always be a large number of idle and profligate persons, one and the same mob was at both places.
In the very act of calling this tone of levity to his aid, he felt it to be profligate and worthless, and asserted her against it.
As to the three reprobates, as I justly call them, though they were much civilised by their settlement compared to what they were before, and were not so quarrelsome, having not the same opportunity; yet one of the certain companions of a profligate mind never left them, and that was their idleness.
A profligate, sir, who has forfeited every claim not only upon those who have the misfortune to be of his blood, but upon society which knows nothing of him but his misdeeds.
She was a sensible woman and so she could not help looking upon me as a dissolute profligate incapable of real love.
No doubt it is a pleasure for a worn-out profligate to describe such adventures with a monstrous project of the same sort in his mind--especially under such circumstances and to such a man as me.
At length it was found necessary to establish fortified posts at the confluence of the rivers and the lakes for the protection of the trade, and the restraint of these profligates of the wilderness.
Sir Mulberry's world was peopled with profligates, and he acted accordingly.
said Ralph, scowling round, and shaking his clenched hand as the faces of the two profligates rose up before his mind; 'you shall pay for this.
A treacherous friend is the most dangerous enemy; and I will say boldly, that both religion and virtue have received more real discredit from hypocrites than the wittiest profligates or infidels could ever cast upon them: nay, farther, as these two, in their purity, are rightly called the bands of civil society, and are indeed the greatest of blessings; so when poisoned and corrupted with fraud, pretence, and affectation, they have become the worst of civil curses, and have enabled men to perpetrate the most cruel mischiefs to their own species.
The Prime Minister, who is imposing austerity on ordinary people, is shamefully profligate when it comes to his friends.
The Capetonians are struggling for fluency - they were thumped in round two at the Lions and were profligate in a 19-18 win over the Canes - and contending with injuries.
Rickie Lambert and Jay Rodriguez were both in profligate mood, raising Hull's hopes of a battling draw, but Fonte settled things in the 69th minute when he stabbed over the line at the second attempt.
West Brom had countless chances to take at least a point with Stephane Sessegnon twice failing to convert great opportunities and Shane Long also guilty of being profligate in front of goal.
This country has been left a legacy of ill-educated youngsters, a crime-ridden society and a debt so huge from their profligate years in power, it will take years to pay back.