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without profit or reward

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The complicated and lofty ranges bore a noble aspect of durability -- equally profitless, however, to man and to all other animals.
As a general rule, political talk appears to me to be of all talk the most dreary and the most profitless.
On the other hand, I said that I would play the game fairly by you, and I do not think it is a fair game to allow you for one unnecessary moment to waste your energies upon a profitless task.
It explains that until Google came along, internet search was a profitless activity.
But that means following laiddown procedures to the letter, and not opening itself up to legal challenges that could bog it down in profitless wrangling that never ends.
Profitless publishing: At The Marshall Project, the new New York City nonprofit journalism operation that will focus on criminal justice, Nicole Gordon has been named executive director; she remains an adjunct professor at New York University, a job she's held for four years.
twinkling like a small coin into the profitless seas.
This was at a time when hydrogen was a buzzword for investors and enthusiasm for a coming hydrogen economy had driven up the shares of fuel cell companies like Ballard Power --an example of how hype can bring multibillion-dollar valuations to profitless ventures.
This resurgent top-line fixation, I fear, will lead the company right back to the bad old profitless days via misguided account selection, noncompatible jobs, lower prices, higher scrap and manufacturing costs, a larger top line and, sadly, a smaller bottom line.
As a group, looking at the publicly available data, these four large companies are obviously having a significant challenge with negative growth and significant drops in profitability--what we would characterize as profitless revenue," said Karl Roberts, managing director at AlixPartners and co-lead of the firm's global TMT Practice.
Peripheral naval campaigns can win a war or waste valuable resources in profitless undertakings.
Extended to Sudan around 100 million dollars as profitless loans during the period 1970-1995 for implementing important projects such as the Friendship Hall, the textiles Factory in Hassahisa , Huntoub Bridge , Medani -Gedarif road , Sinjah Bridge , and the Friendship Hospital in Khartoum state .
Glasdir is a cheap and profitless substitute, not a solid foundation for building a sustainable agricultural industry.
The woodpecker's labor, the song of the lark, that's what captivates me, the economically profitless, commercially useless.
Wu estimated LED industry will not likely grow until 2014 and China's profitless LED production with government subsidies will make 2013 another gloomy year for the LED industry.