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the quality of affording gain or benefit or profit

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As a result, it is valuable to explore what are the most important factors which can affect the profitability of banks.
Each quarter, financial institutions receive a set of 18 reports that document the profitability of customers, officers and products.
Eliminating these parts will lower top line revenues and production and increase productivity, capacity and bottom line profitability.
IP's chairman and CEO John Faraci explained that the group's overall strategy would involve improving profitability, strengthening the balance sheet, and returning value to shareholders.
Back then, profitability was a little bit easier to come by," said Dan Oakley, director of knowledge and thought leadership at Ernst &Young.
They're developing strategies to analyze customer profitability to determine the total cost to serve each customer, identify ways to reduce those costs and take actions that ensure every customer relationship is as profitable as it can be.
Profit may be simple to calculate, but profitability is quite a bit more difficult.
The blog will feature charts, data, videos and discussion on a variety of topics of interest to academics, practitioners, executives and managers concerned with solving the challenges of optimizing profitability.
You may find that your ranking of customers by profitability changes significantly.
If manufacturing costs are driven up by high labor, material and other costs, marketing would then have to reevaluate its pricing policies to maintain acceptable levels of profitability.
Bringing premium rates to an adequate level is the most immediate way to improve profitability, and many of the now-profitable organizations took the plunge by introducing double-digit increases.
Sarbox Compliant Solution Improves Product and Organizational Profitability
Special report: Global reinsurers look to restore profitability through disciplined underwriting, prudent capital allocation and improved operating efficiency.
Busch is responsible for Ceto's revenue enhancement solutions, strategically guiding financial institutions to increase non-interest income and improve profitability.
Profitability analysis can help insurers measure their worth.