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making the profit as great as possible

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To find a profit-maximizing sharing rule, the league has to balance these two effects.
6) This linear pricing assumption facilitates the analysis and enables us to provide a simple and complete description of the circumstances under which a profit-maximizing equilibrium with unused observables exists.
In this contribution, we try to analyze under what conditions free-TV is more profitable than pay-TV, based on a simple theoretical model of a profit-maximizing TV company that holds a monopoly position in the market of televised games.
The profit-maximizing firm demands labor based on a production function:
These measures will ensure that the Qantas Group maintains its profit-maximizing 65% market share, while retaining the flexibility to adjust planned capacity growth according to market conditions, QF said.
First, we develop a baseline model of a pure profit-maximizing hospital with no agency problem either between administrators and organization principals or between administrators and physicians.
Wallace depicts the resulting transformation of the IRS into a profit-maximizing business as dehumanizing.
Current production systems go far beyond 2010 precision agriculture and allow timely, sustainable, profit-maximizing, strategic and tactical responses to spatial, temporal, weather, and market variabilties.
Obamacare's answer is that even if those nasty, penny-pinching, profit-maximizing employers aren't willing to provide you with insurance, the government will ride to your rescue.
Therefore, the profit-maximizing solution under uniform pricing is solved by [KAPPA]=[PSI]-2(PHI)Q.
Despite sounding like a contradiction in terms, profit-maximizing investors might invest in a low-profit firm.
In short, in the simple case of the previous section, passing the imputation test suggests efficient rivals can profitably compete with the vertically integrated firm, and the vertically integrated firm is behaving as any competitive profit-maximizing firm would.
Activists often claim to be defending the poor from profit-maximizing corporations.
Section 3 reviews the sport pricing literature, and section 4 utilizes the public choice model developed in section 2 to explain why profit-maximizing team owners set ticket prices so low.