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recording a person's behavior and analyzing psychological characteristics in order to predict or assess their ability in a certain sphere or to identify a particular group of people

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The law enforcement response to racial profiling, termed professional police traffic stops, can ensure that officers base their behavior on sound legal reason, safety for officers and citizens, and the accepted standards of modern policing.
We are accustomed to profiling professional athletes.
0 is the first highly accurate but affordable printer profiling solution available.
Demonstrating that no agreed-upon definition of racial profiling even exists, thus attempts to identify and remedy it are wholly invalid,
The SecureSphere Dynamic Profiling Firewall provides total application security by protecting against the key threats facing enterprise applications and databases, including:
0 is the first color profiling software to be developed in accordance with the new version 4 ICC specifications - allowing professionals to use with input and output devices and to edit profiles that have already been created.
The IHN Rating System(TM) also uses data generated from the following Verispan products: Verispan Integrated Healthcare Network Profiling Solution(C), Verispan Hospital Market Profiling Solution(C), Verispan Medical Group Practices Profiling Solution(C), Verispan Diagnostic Imaging Centers/Chains Profiling Solution(C), Verispan Freestanding Outpatient Surgery Center/Chain Profiling Solution(C), Verispan Home Health Agency/Chain Profiling Solution(C) and Verispan Healthcare Market Index(C).
MonacoPROOF provides a basic level of profiling for creating RGB and CMYK output profiles, along with profile editing tools for lightness, saturation and output curves.
Providing support for Windows and Macintosh OS X users further demonstrates Monaco Systems' objective to provide the finest ICC profiling software for the widest range of color management professionals.
In the Texas market, RER was selected to develop ERCOT's load profiling system.
MonacoEZcolor can create a monitor profile without the use of the colorimeter, but the MonacoSENSOR provides a non-subjective and more accurate means of profiling a monitor.
Under Monaco Systems' branding program, Praxisoft will be able to resell and support a total solution that will compliment their ICC profiling portfolio.