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Synonyms for proffer

Synonyms for proffer

to put before another for acceptance

something offered

Synonyms for proffer

a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection

present for acceptance or rejection


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If the proffer is reasonable to the owner or agent, the parties can come together for results that are economically beneficial to all involved.
Although property taxes and zoning are generally well understood policies, proffers are lesser known.
Zoning and cash proffers policies are not always popular with residents and developers in suburban counties.
Exploring the many factors that contributed to the Bible's formation, and the intents and goals of those who penned it, How The Bible Came To Be offers a wealth of insight into the origin of sacred texts and proffers a wealth of background information highly recommended for lay reader and scholar alike.
proudly proffers two - our protagonist, assistant U.
If the NMB proffers arbitration and either party declines, a 30-day cooling-off period will begin.
Delta Air Lines and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) late Wednesday evening jointly requested a proffer of arbitration from the National Mediation Board (NMB).
But she proffers neither their reconciliation nor their sublation in her work.
Everyday Low-Carb Desserts proffers more than 120 tasty low-carb treats for any occasion.
Marchiano describes the agony and tears Jesus cries in response to unspeakable wrongness in today's world, and proffers a message of compassion, and the love of a God who feels human pain and reaches out in comfort.
Unlike the first film, none of these unknowns can actually act, and the effect is more frightening than any of the gruesome horror that writer-director Joe Berlinger weakly proffers.
Until the NMB actually proffers arbitration, we will reserve our judgment whether to accept or decline such an offer.
If either party rejects the proffer, the same federal law allows the NMB to launch a "30-day cooling-off period," after which a strike or other form of economic self-help becomes possible if intensified negotiations during that period have not resulted in a settlement.
To address these process and technology requirements, Aberdeen proffers the Business Process Network framework (BPN).
Angry, funny and finally forgiving, ``Cracks in a Sidewalk'' sets its muscular verse against a stream of 1930s and '40s radio tunes that proffers a far rosier view of the American Dream.