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Synonyms for proffer

Synonyms for proffer

to put before another for acceptance

something offered

Synonyms for proffer

a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection

present for acceptance or rejection


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Tenders are invited for Cash Proffer Study and Policy Public Schools and Fire Station No.
While having documents placed in the record may be a fairly simple procedure, convincing a trial court to put the proceedings on hold to permit the full testimony of several witnesses may be difficult, particularly because the statute permitting proffers does not require actual testimony, (24) and courts have the discretion to determine the method of making a proffer.
Lamentably, it doesn't proffer much in the way of laughter or entertainment, putting its mis - matched lead characters through the emotional wringer in the futile hope that their suffering might inspire sympathy or even affection.
Although too generalized to offer more than a summary of Cervantes's female characters, Sara Taddeo proffers good insights on women's use of language and its absence, silence.
Perhaps because their tools are limited by law, localities have had to rely on available approaches such as taxes on real property, zoning, and cash proffers from residential and commercial developers--policies they can utilize--to stem the pressures from a rising population.
He proffers that what is needed is a peace movement (both regionally and internationally), not a peace process.
An austere monument in pastoral Wexford landscape commemorates history and proffers hope for the future.
About 62% of the general government and schools program will be bond funded, with most of the remainder coming from county cash and developer proffers.
US National Security And Foreign Direct Investment proffers alternatives to strengthen the current interagency review of proposed foreign investment deals, and improve the process for reporting to Congress.
Meanwhile, TNT will premiere a new series, ``Saved,'' which seems like its effort to go toe-to-toe with the edgier content its cable competitor FX routinely proffers.
She proffers a brightly colored tiger lily rather than a symbolically pure white one, and the sexual charge between them is subtle but palpable.
Exploring the many factors that contributed to the Bible's formation, and the intents and goals of those who penned it, How The Bible Came To Be offers a wealth of insight into the origin of sacred texts and proffers a wealth of background information highly recommended for lay reader and scholar alike.
It's a pretty shitty little crisis Angelo's got going on," Kirby proffers.
As negotiations aimed at keeping France and Spain gridlocked in the Netherlands proceed, the queen by turns proffers and hedges the hoped for marriage with Alencon;
The report also examines the current and potential markets for a range of broadband applications and services and proffers business strategies that providers can adopt to help ensure profitability.