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Synonyms for proffer

Synonyms for proffer

to put before another for acceptance

something offered

Synonyms for proffer

a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection

present for acceptance or rejection


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To achieve the optimal system of currency that would minimize the number of denominations while increasing the probability of proffering exact change, especially at the lower end of denominations, there is a logical need to introduce the missing denomination of ?
One hundred and three people registered for an unusual auction of the three-bedroom, two-bath house, proffering cashier's checks for $25,000 each to secure their right to bid.
Easy to consult and use, and proffering an extensive bibliography, Historical Dictionary Of Science Fiction Literature is an excellent quick-lookup resource for libraries, as well as literature students and professors.
You'll get many sites proffering her prolific quotes, especially: "Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.
But whatever the obligatory formulaic quality to their comments (which were offered freely and cheerfully), McKeon and Benezra seem to be proffering just what SF MOMA needs right now.
While he was surrounded by people wielding pens or proffering microphones, he was asked about the turnaround plan that Ford will be putting in place.
Proffering the usual scientific caveats, Alphey speculates, "I would hope that we could engineer a strain suitable for field trials in something like the medfly in 5 years.
Often, these subject headers don't even offer true holiday-related products, but simply the same old spam scams proffering diet pills, pornography, etc.