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Synonyms for proffer

Synonyms for proffer

to put before another for acceptance

something offered

Synonyms for proffer

a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection

present for acceptance or rejection


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Within each of these categories, context, clarity, and relevancy all play an important role in determining whether a proffer will permit reversal or just be wasted effort.
The 28 class members include Amanda Aguilar, Alicia Boren, Branden Buchmeier, Doyle Christensen, Sherilyn Dean, Jacob DeHarpport, Leanna Dick, Aubrey Dutra, Alexa Flack, Valarie, Gregor, Zacharias Houston, Audreyanna Isley, Marissa Keller, Jessica Lagenor, Cody Langham, Jared Large, Trenton Lee, Jazmin Merdado, Logan Moore, Benjamin Olsen, Cody Pierzina, Amanda Proffer, Jonah Spencer, Kyndal Stalcup, Daniel Tabor, Ethan Volgardsen, Ruark Wilson and Brianna Wordeman.
Space & Rocket Center and Space Camp have teamed with esteemed media production company Meteor 17 and its founder, music and media producer Spencer Proffer, to establish 25 Proffer Family Explorer Scholarships for children between the ages of 9 and 11, with 12 going specifically to Native American tribes.
IN keeping with tradition, this romantic comedy proffers something old (most of the gags), something new (the romantic pairing of Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher), something borrowed (larger - than - life supporting characters) and something blue (sporadic gross-out humour).
The payments of the proffers may assist in gaining local government approval of the zoning action, but the law is clear that a zoning decision cannot be denied solely because a developer refused to pay a specified proffer amount.
Phyllis Proffer has been appointed director of investor and public relations at Longs Drug Stores.
Producer Spencer Proffer recorded all of the numbers, with MCA performers such as Chante Moore, B.
When she finally leaves Romeo, Juliet playfully snakes her arm around the doorway once again before rushing out to proffer him a final kiss.
With our history, we British dare not proffer advice, still less judge.
While the Service has recognized the validity of the right-to-enjoy test, it has tried to proffer, in addition, another test before allowing the annual exclusion: the donor's intent that the beneficiary actually obtain some substantial additional benefit from the trust.
In other words, exclusion is warranted on the present state of the evidence, without need to rely on the possibility that exclusion will induce the presentation of better evidence, simply because as matters now stand, admissibility would be more harmful than helpful: The probative value of the proffered evidence is outweighed by the consumption of time in presenting the evidence, the dangers of confusion and prejudice, and any other detrimental effects that the proffer might entail.
com) and its founder, music and media producer Spencer Proffer, their CEO, to establish twenty-five Proffer Family Explorer Scholarships for children between the ages of 9 and 11, with twelve going to Native American tribes.
Tenders are invited for Cash Proffer Study and Policy Public Schools and Fire Station No.
When the NMB releases both parties from mediated talks, the agency would then make a proffer of binding arbitration, the union said.
Lanny Proffer, consultant to the Education Foundation of the National Geographic Society, agrees with Paige.