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Synonyms for professionalize

become professional or proceed in a professional manner or in an activity for pay or as a means of livelihood

make professional or give a professional character to

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Listing the company was also in line with our goal to professionalize.
Neiman agrees that before taking their business public, the owners should professionalize it.
Under Carol O' Cleireacain, commissioner of the Department of Finance, and David Goldstein, president of the Tax Commission, both the Department and the Commission are becoming more generous with information as they professionalize, computerize and generally open their procedures to public review and comment.
Professionalize The Job: Becoming increasingly popular in hospitals, and more and more so in long-term care, is giving RNs the responsibility for case management.
His efforts have also been critical to the Air Force's plan to professionalize its network crew force.
Main objective: to professionalize the operation and services of the GPC and cooperative societies to enhance the output of farm families and thus improve their living conditions.
I don't think there is any doubt in our minds that if universities continue to expand the responsibilities and leadership of diversity officers, there is a need to have a way to professionalize it," says Michael.
Superintendent Roy Romer still has a lot of work to do to professionalize the bureaucracy.
This action represents a major step forward in our Task Force EXCEL efforts by clearly demonstrating the Navy's commitment to professionalize its ratings.
This political hype spawned the drug war--"the Trojan horse for deeper federal involvement in policing"--and millions of dollars poured out from Washington to modernize, professionalize, and militarize local law enforcement over the next decade.
It was first to establish a back-office management platform to professionalize asset management and investment.
We need to professionalize, which means we don't go abroad to play friendly but to really compete,' Branislav said before leaving for Serbia two weeks ago.
Parental choice combined with giving teachers the right to create and own their own schools will not just empower parents, it will empower and fully professionalize teachers.
I look forward to working with the other members in furthering (ISC)2's mission to professionalize the workforce through education and certification and promote the importance and acceptance of the profession in Latin America around the world.
I think we should continue to professionalize and civilianize the PNP.