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the social process whereby people come to engage in an activity for pay or as a means of livelihood

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This professionalization is centered on the quality of training schemes that alternate training centers offer young people and businesses.
The device professionalization of the HR function must support the development of skills, facilitate anchoring of the new organization with employees of the HR and the HR industry outreach and support those whose area of responsibility has changed.
the dak-g is looking for contractors for a conception for the professionalization of the executives.
Teachers' ability to design and implement action research projects related to students' sociopolitical realities can serve to enhance their professional self-concept, advance their professionalization, and ultimately enact culturally relevant and sustaining pedagogies in the classroom.
The professionalization of youth hockey training has even spawned year-round academies where kids commit to their athletic development with a single-minded zeal.
This rich study of the various social and functional groups that rendered military service has produced, among myriad enlightening details, strong evidence of the emergence of a definite military professionalization in later medieval England.
To enable the Pakistani media to keep up with the growing demand for professional journalism and access to reliable information, the government of Denmark is now supporting a two-year programme to support professionalization of Pakistani media," the spokesman said.
The professionalization of the DFA career service, therefore, started long before Del Rosario became foreign secretary.
There were also many trainings, programmes, seminars for the professionalization of our judiciary and improving our system.
LAHORE -- The three day medical education conference organized by Association for Excellence in Medical Education (AEME) held here from March 7-9th 2014 proved to be a commendable effort of collaboration between public and private sector medical institutions to promote professionalization of healthcare professionals with the ultimate objective of ensuring patient safety.
At the crux of the agreement are precedent-setting initiatives dedicated to enhancing the understanding of and professionalization of the global adventure travel sector.
Part 2 addresses new dilemmas in the professionalization of public relations, with work on trust-building through multicultural competence, and the importance of employer branding and reputation for attracting employees.
Premature or blanket professionalization strategies will likely hinder efforts to build a national cybersecurity workforce of sufficient quality, size, and flexibility to meet the needs of this dynamic environment.
The conference is an interdisciplinary meeting dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practices in teacher education with the overall objective of enhancing the quality of education through the professionalization of teachers.