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the expertness characteristic of a professional person

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Explicit calculations and perceptions of the professionalism of the medical student with the help of PAS scale is effective way to identify the set objectives for professional behavior in a local setting.
To understand professionalism effectively, the language used to explore the topic must be recognized and understood.
After the pre-test, workshop was held on various aspects of professionalism which was considered 'intervention', and it was followed by a post-test similar to the pre-test at the end of day 3.
At this meeting, Neymotin offered insight on advancements in Professionalism that have been made in the Twentieth Judicial Circuit.
University of Health Sciences it may be mentioned here has launched this novel project to foster medical professionalism identity in medical students and health professionals.
The validated Professionalism Instrument used in survey forms measured 6 tenets of professionalism (i.
Show others your professionalism and tell them about ANNA--about what it means to be a member.
Dean Prentice (presenting in Tulsa) and Diana Blackmon (presenting in Bethany) spoke on the topic of professionalism in their presentation titled "Can You Create a Culture of Professionalism?
Carried out between March and October last year, the research explored the concept of professionalism in healthcare settings and how to strengthen it at all stages of optometric training.
In an effort to improve awareness of the value of professionalism, the institute has produced a number of case studies focusing on members and students.
Practical professionalism in medicine; a global case-based workbook.
In Reinventing Professionalism, Silvio Waisbord sets out to provide a theoretically informed, historically contextualised account of professional journalism, from its early incarnations in Anglo-American culture to its present-day complexities on a global scale.
45 resident doctors took part at the Symposium which aimed at highlighting the definition of professionalism, its general principles, and applications in reality and medical professionalism concept.
Without a doubt, professionalism has an elusive nature.
UKPRwire, Thu Dec 07 2017] In todays modern society, the concept of Professionalism is definitely the norm, the must-have for every business practice and every professional.
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