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the expertness characteristic of a professional person

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At this meeting, Neymotin offered insight on advancements in Professionalism that have been made in the Twentieth Judicial Circuit.
Carried out between March and October last year, the research explored the concept of professionalism in healthcare settings and how to strengthen it at all stages of optometric training.
In an effort to improve awareness of the value of professionalism, the institute has produced a number of case studies focusing on members and students.
Could professionalism also be about creativity, enthusiasm, and excitement for the possibilities for nursing and healthcare?
I encourage each and every one of you to vocalize the attributes of professionalism you have been discussing.
Worthington, a independent researcher, policy advisor, and medical ethicist who teaches ethics and professionalism in the UK, and Hays (health sciences and medicine, Bond U.
In its opinion approving the professionalism code, the Florida Supreme Court stated that Florida lawyers had "traditionally followed a more passive, academic approach to enhance and improve professionalism.
The Hoeveler Judicial Professionalism Award is to recognize "a judge who best exemplifies strength of character, service, and competence as a jurist, lawyer, and public servant.
ASMC's Pledge of Professionalism is not just a set of ideals but rather a promise and an individual commitment to uphold those ideals.
Without a doubt, professionalism has an elusive nature.
sounds the alarm bells with regard to the declining state of professionalism in the United States.
Narayana Murthy on Friday reiterated his call for promoting professionalism and ethics in the competitive and complex IT sector.
Army in identifying, defining, categorizing, promoting, and developing professionalism in all members of the military.
Professionalism is more likely to get you a job than a whole wall-full of degrees.
The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) released its Statement on Professionalism in Dental Education for the academic dental community.
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