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the relation that exists when one person requests and is granted professional help from a qualified source

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The eleven subscales of survey include supervision, coaching and assessment, feedback, teamwork, peer collaboration, professional relations between consultants, work adaptation to residents' competence, consultants' role, formal education, role of specialty tutor/supervisor and patient sign-out.
BAGHDAD, IRAQ (NINA) -- The National Iraq News Agency (NINA) signed an agreement with the Egyptian Middle East News Agency (MENA) to exchange news and press reports and consolidate professional relations between the two agencies.
Another goal of the USIP is creating opportunities to further develop the friendly and professional relations between the various police organisations from all continents.
He explained that the State Audit Bureau, as Chair of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions, INTOSAI, and member of the Arab Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions, ARABOSAI, seeks to strengthen professional relations with its competent counterparts in Egypt in the field of cooperation, exchange of expertise and capacity building.
The mayor said Ignatiou had close professional relations to the Bobolas family, the owners of Helector, the company at the centre of a waste management scandal.
The media is an integral part of a comprehensive strategy based on joint building for an inter-Arab conflict resolution," he said, calling for the promotion of closer technical and professional relations between media institutions in different countries.
In our life just because of our personal & professional relations we suppress our wishes which after a period of time take shape of anger & frustration.
The National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM) debts with the CNRPS (National Social Security and Retirement Fund) amount to 1,300 million dinars, said Hafedh Laamouri, vice-president of the Tunisian Association of Labor Law and Professional Relations.
Moreover, he stressed keenness by the Arab agencies on maintaining respectful and professional relations with the world's fellow news outlets based on honorable work conventions that restrict journalist behavior.
PAF Chief Sohail Aman said Pakistan Air Force and Saudi Royal Air Force enjoy close professional relations.
strengthening our ties and building solid professional relations with our
The other featured speaker is Elliot Sogol, vice president, Professional Relations Pharmacy Quality Solutions, of Durham, N.
He also praised the role of the society in fostering rights and freedoms, stressing the need to further bolster cooperation between the Supreme Judicial Council and BBS to alleviate hardships and further cement legal and professional relations.
This agreement will also work as a setting point towards building good professional relations of respective companies.
Through our technical support team and our specialist GP lens professional relations consultant field team, we will support this and our entire GP lens portfolio by the provision of advice and technical training to practitioners throughout the UK and Ireland"
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