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I'm a professional person and when things aren't working it is my responsibility to do what I can to put them right," he said.
She was a good-natured, professional person," Paul McNamara said of his wife.
She was a wonderful colleague and a professional person and we will all miss her dearly," Judge LoConto said.
The second paragraph of the 5150 provision says that if "an application in writing stating the circumstances under which the person's condition was called to the attention of the officer, member of the attending staff, or professional person, and stating that the officer, member of the attending staff, or professional person has probable cause to believe that the person is, as a result of mental disorder, a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or gravely disabled.
Opened by a professional person who operates absentee.
So I went to Ryan's social worker, a professional person who has known him since he was two.
Before 2000, people had to get a letter from a professional person such as a doctor who had known them for a set number of years, have a change-of-name deed co-signed by a solicitor or announce the change in the London Gazette.
Applicants will be required to provide a reference from a professional person who knows them, for example a teacher, tutor, social worker or youth worker and a National Insurance number.
I can't believe that any professional person would not want the opportunity to play there.
Gillani has often described Kayani who became army chief when former military ruler Pervez Musharraf quit the post in November 2007 as "pro-democracy and a highly professional person.
I remember her as a gracious lady and a consummate professional person.
Whether that's through a full-time professional person or through an outside contractor has yet to be determined.
He is a very professional person and a fine trainer.
A professional person or a young couple, perhaps with a family.
Without it, he negates everything that makes him a professional person and becomes at best a routine technician or hired hand, at worst a hack.
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