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Gardner was engaged that spring in building two large man-of-war brigs, professedly for the Mexican government.
They were professedly looking into the enormous central cage of monkeys, and being thoroughly annoyed by William, she compared him to a wretched misanthropical ape, huddled in a scrap of old shawl at the end of a pole, darting peevish glances of suspicion and distrust at his companions.
And the 20th century has seen a whole host of revolutionary eruptions around the world, including national liberation, anti-colonial, communist and professedly Islamic uprisings.
But even professedly generous European welfare systems lift no more than one-third of the poor out of poverty.
It is a ray of hope that there is still some spunk in the Congress and other professedly secular parties.
Alas, the poor angels are caught right in the middle of the awkward and painful tug-of-war, courtesy of their professedly 'loving' mother, who is actually just using them as pawns and leverage to ruin Bea's honeymoon-and 'somehow' reclaim Ian for herself.
I wonder: might the queer and professedly criminal Genet have merited at least passing mention?
Robinson's poetic bravery in removing the decent drapery from even the most professedly liberal of writers resonates in her picking up and dressing down both Wollstonecraft and Wordsworth as interlocutors.
And in fact many of those professedly keenest to promote meritocracy--the famously 'sharp-elbowed' among the middle classes, for example--are also those most likely to seek to disrupt it through pulling whatever social levers are available to them in the promotion of their own child's life chances, regardless of their 'talents'.
Unfortunately, neither of the two major political parties, the professedly secular Awami League, AL, and the more religiously inclined, right-of-center Bangladesh Nationalist Party, BNP, has demonstrated any interest in containing these developments.
Weaver's 1948 book, Ideas Have Consequences--one of the first classics of postwar conservative literature--was, he explained in its foreword, "a reaction to that war--to its immense destructiveness, to the strain it placed upon ethical principles, and to the tensions it left in place of the peace and order that were professedly sought"
But Origen was professedly antignostic, as is evident in all his extant writings, even in the recently discovered Munich homilies (see below).
Challenges faced in the area of faith and evangelization include a relapse of true Christian values in countries professedly Christian; a distorted Christianity made up of externals, rituals, and devotions but lacking in real concern for suffering humanity; lack of pastoral care; and failure of parents to pass on Catholic faith to their children ([paragraph] 70).
57) Such conservative allegiance was at odds with the Romanticism of much of his writing: most of the Romantic poets were professedly radical and subversive in outlook, and, indeed, in Waverley, Scott's heart seems at first to be with the Jacobite rebels rather than with the Hanoverians.
It joined hands with the same dominant political classes " the prime symbols of the status quo " whose power it professedly seeks to demolish.