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Gardner was engaged that spring in building two large man-of-war brigs, professedly for the Mexican government.
As against the professedly exact laws of physics, such empirical generalizations have the advantage that they deal with observable phenomena.
But Origen was professedly antignostic, as is evident in all his extant writings, even in the recently discovered Munich homilies (see below).
Yet the link made between the recipients of the actions and the figure of Christ also jars and unsettles the reader, whether professedly Christian or an adherent of another faith.
O'Connor, being professedly concerned with faithfully depicting reality in her fiction and recognizing the successive escalation of tensions between science and faith, suggests that reality cannot be explained by reason alone, but necessarily entails some mystery.
Bingham lamented to his journal: "And I am forced to the painful consideration that although I live in a professedly Christianized society I am liable to have my house broken open, doors that are locked and bolted burst through, and the inmates of my family forcibly taken out, and 1 am refused any redress.
Professedly, the corporate advertisers have not been revealed as of yet, however, the television production content for the 24/7 'On Demand' channel is already completed with never seen before footage.
Instead of attempting to faithfully depict the Sri Lankan audience and culture for which she was professedly writing, Baillie treats the island as a space in which she can generate an imagined community that would be more receptive to her ideas.
As she later admits to Elinor, an engagement "'was every day implied, but never professedly declared.
Although twentieth-century interest in Newman's poetry waned, many Victorians with little sympathy for Tractarianism were in fact professedly won over by Newman's "poetry alone"--the "alone" part being a crucial component in their approval, at least as they understood it) (35) This early perception of the poem as a work made up of discrete, isolatable parts proved crucial to its acceptance--though it was by no means true that readers could perform a neat excision of the poem's theological content and achieve sanitized readings, as they believed.
Not surprisingly, lews were not admitted to this professedly anti-Semitic organization.
The veto power is therefore especially obstructive when it is used to block authorizations of military force professedly sought in support of collective ends.
The decree then moves fairly quickly to consider the ecclesial status of the "separated brethren," both as individuals and in their own professedly churchly communities, and here we come to the provocative notion of "communio, etsi non perfecta":