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Synonyms for profanation

an act of disrespect or impiety toward something regarded as sacred

Synonyms for profanation

blasphemous behavior

degradation of something worthy of respect

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Choden, a seventh grader also from Tibet, took full advantage of the carnivalesque atmosphere to use stronger forms of profanation and ultimately voice his dissatisfaction with his placement in the class and status as an EL.
It is] antique and valuable and must be protected from profanation by those who hate the Blessed Virgin Mary,' Arguelles said.
Quoi de plus beau que d'aller sur les traces des deux princesses N'fissa et Fatma dont le repos eternel fut perturbe par la profanation de leur cimetiere sis a la z'niqa N'fissa (ex-rue de l'Empereur), a la Basse-Casbah.
The profanation of the Blessed Sacrament was something that Mother could not accept, as she was also not able to accept the Police sleeping over their job.
Objective: The project PROPERA (The Profanation of Opera: Music and Drama on Film) aims to shed new light on the relationship between opera and film.
Outre la profanation de la Mosquee Al-Aqsa, des violences sont commises a l'encontre des fideles au sein de la Mosquee d'Al-Qods par des groupes juifs extremistes, sous la protection des forces israeliennes.
According to news reports, a video published by Daesh showed the profanation and subsequent destruction of the monastery, as well as the exhumation of the remains of Saint Elian, who was martyred in the 3rd century AD.
Therefore, beyond the ostensibly psychopathological nature of his behavior, Vincent's aimless actions also exemplify what Giorgio Agamben calls profanation, the restoration of objects, bodies, spaces that capitalism placed into a separate, sacred sphere of commodification to free use by becoming indifferent to the ends they served on the marketplace.
The latest profanation took place in the Calvados region of north-eastern France where dozens of Christian tombs were damaged by vandals.
Also in his analysis of Grebenshikov's lyrics and public behaviour, Prozorov draws at length upon Agamben's philosophical insights, as for instance applying the Agambean understanding of profanation, resistance and power.
In their resourceful analyses of the work of artists such as David Claerbout, Jean-Luc Godard, Philippe Grandrieux, Michael Haneke, Jean Rouch, and others, the authors put to use a range of key concepts from Agamben's rich body of work, like biopolitics, decreation, gesture, potentiality and profanation.
Drumont's wild antitheses underlined the degree of profanation involved in selling the crown jewels: it would symbolise the victory of courtesans over the queen, blasphemy over religion, superfluous luxury over honest necessity, vulgar parvenus over true aristocrats, Germany over France.
So the world into which Walton moves is, only to cite an example, "the world of modernity whose Real kernel is capitalism, and in which the profanation of lovers' commodity forms is both a pressing need in its own terms and a glimpse of a possible broader political change" (p.
During the last decade, he recalls the profanation of the Kyustendil Jewish Cemetery, the burning of Burgas Synagogue and the "unlimited field for anti-Semitic propaganda and bigotry provided by the Internet and social media.