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Synonyms for profanation

an act of disrespect or impiety toward something regarded as sacred

Synonyms for profanation

blasphemous behavior

degradation of something worthy of respect

References in classic literature ?
The act of Astok, Prince of Dusar, was profanation.
Believe me, the thing which your husband's brother has proposed to you to do is a sacrilege and a profanation.
The physical scarcely entered into it, for such seemed profanation.
To deal with so delicate a thing by the method of mechanical analysis seems scarcely less than profanation, but accurate criticism can proceed in no other way.
And he added some praise of you, which you would not thank me for repeating, nor him for uttering; proclaiming it aloud, as he did, without delicacy or discrimination, in an audience where it seemed profanation to utter your name: himself utterly incapable of understanding or appreciating your real excellences.
I have always thought love the only foundation of happiness in a married state, as it can only produce that high and tender friendship which should always be the cement of this union; and, in my opinion, all those marriages which are contracted from other motives are greatly criminal; they are a profanation of a most holy ceremony, and generally end in disquiet and misery: for surely we may call it a profanation to convert this most sacred institution into a wicked sacrifice to lust or avarice: and what better can be said of those matches to which men are induced merely by the consideration of a beautiful person, or a great fortune?
With a feeling as of profanation she again seized the offending photograph and flung it across the room into a corner.
We had a rubber at whist, a mere profanation, so far as play was concerned, of that noble game.
interrupted Obed; "it is profanation, in the view of the arts, to liken the miserable handy-work of the dealers in wax to the pure models of antiquity
It is profanation in the eyes of the Lord," retorted the old man, "to liken the works of his creatur's, to the power of his own hand.
Outre la profanation de la Mosquee Al-Aqsa, des violences sont commises a l'encontre des fideles au sein de la Mosquee d'Al-Qods par des groupes juifs extremistes, sous la protection des forces israeliennes.
beaucoup moins que] L'Algerie condamne avec force les violations recurrentes contre la mosquee al-Aqsa et ses fideles, la profanation et la destruction de ses portes historiques auxquelles se livrent les colons sionistes, proteges par les soldats de l'occupation [beaucoup plus grand que], a precise la meme source.
According to news reports, a video published by Daesh showed the profanation and subsequent destruction of the monastery, as well as the exhumation of the remains of Saint Elian, who was martyred in the 3rd century AD.
Just as Christians in non-Muslim countries have the moral and oftentimes legal right to be upset by and protest against profanation of their religious sites, whether by barebreasted FEMEN activists in Cologne Cathedral or Pussy Riot's vulgarity in a Russian Orthodox cathedral, so devout Muslims have every reason to be offended by insults to the Prophet Mohammed.