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combined costs of raw material and labor incurred in producing goods

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Cost of extraction in Saudi Arabia, for example, USD 1-2 per barrel (pb), while overall production cost including capital expenditure comes to USD 4-6 pb.
The Department of Defense (DOD) has identified about $18 billion in estimated production cost growth over the last 6 years.
That provision provides for computation of CTI under a production-cost ratio method, whereby the sales price is derived using the same proportion of the third-party sales price that (a) the production costs attributable to either (i) the possession component product or (ii) the excluded component product (end-product form), bears to (b) the total production costs for the integrated product.
One of the Chinese Top Tier firm, Company "A" has achieved cost competitiveness by vertically integrating the polysilicon-ingot-wafer business and through economic scale expansion it is continuously lowering the production cost.
263A(f)-4(e) provides that the cost of existing structures and common features benefited by an improvement are not counted as an accumulated production cost unless they have not yet been placed in service, or unless they must be taken out of service in order to complete the improvement.
In fact, finishing costs can account for as much as 60-70% of nonmelting production costs.
nuclear power plants in 2006 supplied the second-highest amount of electricity in the industry's history while achieving record-low production costs, according to preliminary figures released today by the Nuclear Energy Institute.
2 million a year ago, reflecting higher gold and silver prices and also reduced production costs.
Although Codelco competes in a cyclical market where revenues and profitability can vary greatly, the company has benefited from high operational margins even during periods of low prices given its relatively lower production cost compared with other market participants.
The cash production cost per ounce of gold was reduced by US$29 to US$212, and the cash production cost of silver was reduced by US$0.
The cash production cost per ounce of gold was reduced by US$24 to US$205, and the cash production cost of silver was reduced by US$0.
calls for a 4,000-ton/day mill to produce 200,000 ounces/year of gold (Echo Bay's 50 percent share, 100,000 ounces) at an initial cash production cost of about US$225 per ounce.
The company produced more gold at a lower production cost per ounce in the third quarter than a year ago.
As Canadian oil sands companies struggle with high production costs and low prices, and North American shale producers are forced to rethink strategy, a Utah-based high-tech oil sands play announces game-changing $28 production costs.
Oil production costs in Iran's onshore fields average about $5/b but excluding the cost of the structural damage to many fields, while offshore costs are less than $4/b.
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