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an early symptom that a disease is developing or that an attack is about to occur


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Historically, this psychiatric prodrome was thought to begin anywhere from 5 to 10 years before motor symptoms, depending on which expert you ask.
Evidence suggests that this "prodromal" period is a reasonable window of risk to try to identify as retrospective studies with first-episode schizophrenia patients have shown that a prodrome occurs in approximately 75% of first-episode patients, has duration of 3-4 years and is characterized by functional decline and attenuated psychotic symptoms.
Mean ages of Parkinson's diagnosis were much later--58 years for patients whose primary prodrome was anxiety and 56 years for patients whose primary prodrome was depression, with a standard deviation of 9.
Nous voudrions tenter ici une rapide esquisse comparative des caracteres et personnalites de Tzetzes et Prodrome, ce dernier etant peut-etre la personnalite la plus marquante des noms ci-dessus cites, en insistant plus particulierement sur ses poemes satiriques; en effet une analyse philologique comparative des textes de ces deux ecrivains, sortirait du cadre ce court article.
A definitive diagnosis was not made prior to death because of the rapid disease progression after admission following an 11-day mild prodrome.
Presyncope, on the other hand, is used to describe an event similar to syncope prodrome that is not accompanied by loss of consciousness.
In a young child, the clinical pattern of wheezing and hyperinflation is diagnostic and typically starts with an upper respiratory prodrome including rhinorrhoea, low-grade fever, cough and poor feeding, followed 1-2 days later by tachypnoea, hyperinflation and wheeze as a consequence of airway inflammation and air trapping.
Clarson and her associates proposed that the higher risk for vascular events among women with gout may arise from the longer exposure to elevated serum uric acid, since women have a longer prodrome before first gout attack, though they recommend further study to elucidate the mechanism.
Person-to-person transmission of ANDV occurs mainly in family clusters or, less commonly, after activities in which close contact with an infected case-patient has occurred, primarily during the disease prodrome (6-8).
Pour ce qui est de la cyberdependance, la pratique clinique dans les programmes de premiers episodes ou bien en consultation pour livrer un avis sur un diagnostic de prodrome nous amene a rencontrer des presentations diverses, dont celles plus particulieres offertes par les jeunes de la generation que le philosophe Michel Serres nomme << Petite Poucette >>; nouvelle mutation de Homo sapiens qui a acquis la capacite d'envoyer des SMS avec son pouce.
Based on the presence or absence of a diarrhoeal prodrome, HUS may be classified as D+ or D-, respectively.
If acyclovir was started during the prodrome, it decreased the time to disappearance of the lesion's hard crust (2.
The book follows a chronological arc, detailing the prodrome of abuse, the way that the killings themselves happened, life in prison, and clemency granted or denied followed by a reflective conclusion.
Although post infectious optic neuritis is more common in children, it can also be found in adults and is usually seen one to three weeks after a symptomatic infective prodrome.
Figure 1) The ulcer was preceded by few hemorrhagic blisters, which developed after a prodrome of pain and burning sensation.